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How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Facebook is many helps to peoples because everything share with our friends and family and including about your business.And tag to someone means about your business plans and coupons,discounts etc..Now a days tags for very user friendly in digital marketing products.


If you wish to tag your friends on Facebook, please follow the steps given below:

How to Tag Someone on Facebook Using Windows

How to Tag Someone on Facebook
  • Go to your Facebook account by logging in with your username and password
  • In your timeline, which is the first page that appears when you log in to your Facebook account, you will be able to see the option ‘Make Post’.
  • Below this, you will be able to see a message ‘What’s on your mind?’ Start typing here whatever you would like to post on your Facebook account or add any photo
  • You can also add videos, or state where you are right now or even say how your feeling, such as feeling happy or feeling scared, etc
  • After you have written the post, click on ‘Tag Friends’ option that you will find below
  • Now, start typing your friend(s) name(s) whom you would like to add or tag in your post. Once the name appears, click on the name. now, this name will be shown in the post that you have typed
  • You also have the option to remove their name (in case you have added wrongly). You can do this by clicking on the ‘X’ mark on the top right corner of their name
  • After tagging your friends in the post, click on the button ‘Share’
  • Now, your post will be shared on your timeline with your friends tagged. Also, your post will be shown in all of your friend’s timeline, whom you have tagged

How to Tag Someone on Facebook Using iPhone

How to Tag Someone on Facebook
  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone
  • Click on ‘Write Post’ or ‘Status’ that you will see on the first page when you open your Facebook account
  • Enter the message that you wish to post on your Facebook page
  • Now type the @ symbol and mention the name of the friend. Choose your friend’s name from the drop-down menu
  • Now, click on ‘Post’ option to share this post or status in your Facebook timeline

How to Tag Someone on Facebook Using Android

How to Tag Someone on Facebook
  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile phone
  • In the first page that opens, you will see a small box that says ‘Write Something’
  • Click on that space and start typing whatever you want to post
  • Next, click on the human symbol with a (shopping) tag icon that you will find in the lower part of the screen
  • Click on Tag Friends
  • Start typing your friend’s name
  • Click on Done once you have tagged them
  • Now, you post along with those whom you have tagged will be displayed in your timeline

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Facebook is a very popular app. The features that have attracted more people to open an account are:

  • Once you become a friend with someone, Facebook will notify you when is their birthday. You will be able to send them a birthday card
  • You can start a Watch Party or see other’s Watch Party. Here, you can comment on the videos that your friends are streaming in
  • Another good feature is that you can have your Facebook account set to a language that you are comfortable in or even your native language. This will be very easy for you to interact.
  • support from the customer care, you can go to the Help and Support option and report the problem you are facing. Certain predefined questions arise more often. If not, you could also raise a new query and Facebook support will contact you at the earliest.


I have been using Facebook for the past 9 years and I love this application so much. It is such a wonderful platform to connect with your friends.

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