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How to strike through texts on google docs

Strike Through Texts On Google Docs is an online word file editing platform, that is very much similar to the Microsoft word document that we all use in our day to day life. This is one of the features that Google provides at free of cost. You can also share and edit together with your friends.

Steps On How To Strike Through Texts On Google Docs

If you wish to strike through your texts in Google Docs, please follow these simple and easy to follow steps as below:

  • Go to your document file where you need to strike through certain texts
  • Now, select the texts that you want to strikethrough
  • Then, click on the ‘Format’ option that you will be able to see on the top options bar
  • In the options that follow, select the option ‘Text
  • Next, you will be able to see an option ‘Strikethrough
  • Click and this option and then your selected text will be stroked through
  • There is also a short cut option that you can use in order to strike through the texts
  • In your computer, press together the three buttons – Alt + Shift + 5 – your selected text will be stroked. This is one of the easiest and quickest way too


Some of the amazing and wonderful features of Google Docs that we all love are listed below:

  • It is absolutely free of cost and comes as a part of your Google account
  • You can share these files among your friends and you can edit the files or the work that you are doing together
  • You can have access to your documents anywhere on the go and in any devices, such as your mobile phone, tablets or computers, etc.
  • It Is not necessary to have an internet connection as well
  • There are many different font types from which you can choose from
  • Also, if in case you have typed a very long document, you can bookmark them, so that later when you come to it, you can start from where you left, instead of scrolling through the whole document
  • Google Docs can add more creativity and fun to your editing work. It is more interactive and user friendly
  • You can add footnotes at the bottom of the page, such as page numbers or any other general information
  • Additionally, there is voice typing, wherein you can just speak to your computer and get the text typed
  • You could also add an extension to your web browser so that you can quickly access your documents
  • It is very trustworthy and a safe platform for editing and working on your documents
  • If you wish to know more on a particular topic or a word, you can simply right-click on the word and select ‘Research’ option. This will show a Google search on the right side of the screen. This will enable a faster and better understanding of the particular subject


Google Docs is such an easy to use tool that comes in handy in almost every situation. I have been using Google Docs for many years and I love the amazing features they have. It is so easy to make changes and share the documents with your friends in just a click of a button.

Almost all of my school, college and office works are carried out with Google Docs only, and I have no second thought if I want to try a new application. Google Docs is always and will definitely be the best word processing application platform in the whole world.

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