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Discord is the future of online social collaboration. Basically, it is a communication tool used for live streaming and gaming. You join Discord by logging in to a server. Discord server is just a digital place where you can chat, text, or video call with your friends. It is very easy to use and an interactive application that keeps you engaged all the time. There are many public and private servers, where you will be able to join in any. You can use Discord in your browser, desktop app, or mobile app. Discord is blowing up with over 40 million logins per day. Discord will soon be the fastest online social collaboration platform in the world. It is also a 100% safe and secure application.


  • Why does everyone love Discord so much? Well, it combines the features of Slack, Skype, Facebook, Zoom, and Instagram, all in one place for free.
  • You can voice chat, video chat, text chat, screen share, video teleconference and even share a hilarious meme
  • Hosting a server is absolutely free
  • It’s a great app for YouTubers because Discord integrated YouTube in its system, so you can announce, share, and discuss in real-time your videos. And when people watch the videos on the Discord platform, those views count out to total views on your YouTube channel.
  • Its secure and straightforward app, and also a very stable platform for communication with your friends.
  • It has no storage limitations, and you can access Discord from your mobile, desktop, or browser.
  • It is open and free to all
  • There are many servers, and each server have many channels
  • Switching between the channels is really easy
  • Many software developers and developing and expanding the features o this app to make it even more interactive.

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Now, let me brief you on how to stream using Discord app. Follow these simple steps to start streaming in Discord:

  • It is very easy to stream on Discord and faster too
  • Initially, you have to set up your input and output devices in Discord
  • Now, let us see how you can stream your live gameplay to Discord that you can share with your friends that have to indicate into a group call or set up a temporary group call channel inside your channel.
  • So, the simple answer is just booting up your game, and if Discord detects it in a lower left-hand corner of the screen, you will be able to see a TV symbol next to it, which says ‘Go Live.’
  • Click on this button and then you can start streaming it to everybody who is out there inside of your server
  • It allows any people to live stream the game they are playing up to 10 viewers at a time
  • Streams are broadcasted over a voice channel in the Discord server, and multiple people can stream from a single voice channel
  • There is no webcam option. And streaming is available only to Windows users. However, Mac and Linux users can watch from a browser
  • Live stream is server level and this feature can be disabled by a server admin
  • It is as simple as that

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One of the greatest things about Discord is that its popularity is increasing day by day and it is absolutely free. I love Discord, and I especially love the channels feature. That is what so great about Discord. You can organize the information and discussion on the topic. SO, without thinking further, I would suggest you all to start using Discord and enjoy its great features. It is such an amazing app for playing PC games.

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