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How to stop your iphone from Making Irrelevant suggestions

At some point we always need suggestions to learn information about our topic. You tube will help us more when we watch any video in you tube the AI of you tube will recommend more related videos. Like you tube some of them following the same process like google, SIRI, popular AI of Apple they also give us suggestion and answer for all our queries. Not all the time it suggest right sometimes it gives us trouble. So here we going to discuss about how to stop your iphone from Making Irrelevant suggestions

Siri gives us more offers to help us to use our iphone smartly. But most of the time Siri shows us wrong recommendation and suggestions of any app, contacts, web results etc. You can able to see all the shortcuts and recommendations on the spotlight search.

How to stop your iphone from making irrelevant suggestions

The best method to stop the irrelevant suggestion is to do not want any of the suggestions in your device itself. To control the features you have to long press the recommendations then you can able to see for the option suggest shortcut more minor. You have to click on it afterwards you will show any suggestions now and in future also.

The method we have explained in above paragraph is for to stop suggestions for home and lock screen. But the process to do on contacts app will be slight different when you long press on suggestions a prompt window will show you share less as they are not any shortcut. This will not remove any suggestions but it will show you some related tips which your device needs

How to disable suggestion completely

By following the above given steps will not remove all the complete suggestions which you can notice. To remove completely follow the below given steps. You have to Disable siri’s suggestions

  • At first you have to go to settings app in your iDevice
  • Next go to siri and click on it and then search option
  • And then you have to disable for the all the options in your toggle switch


Now let us see some of the options for suggestions

  • While searching it will remove all the recommendations from spotlight searches
  • Next is on lock screen it will remove all siri suggestions in your lock screen
  • On home screen when you swipe down to home screen it will remove all the siri suggestions
  • When sharing it will remove all the siri suggestions from the share sheet.


IOS device has great advantage and some disadvantage apple will solve it by releasing new update. By following the above given steps you can able to remove unwanted suggestions given by siri. If you want to re-enable then you have to toggle on switches or set the settings as default.

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