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How to start a clubhouse room and moderate like a pro

Are you planning to start a clubhouse app and want to know how to start a beautiful clubhouse room. Here you will learn how to add many moderator and bring people on stage and mute them. Read below points to create and moderate clubhouse room.

Programming a room on the clubhouse application

  • Creating clubhouse can be done in two ways either plan a room or create your room.  You will get more advantages on planning a room. And then get a link of the event where you can share with the people of your subscribers then that you will be notified in the notification menu. You can also add completed deion about the detail.
  • At first open the club and tap on the calendar icon which is located at the top of the screen this is to create your schedule room
How to start a clubhouse room and moderate like a pro
  • Then on the next screen just tap on the calendar icon with a plus sign on it.
  • Now you can see your new event screen there you can create schedule for event
  • Now start your event by entering your name your name should contain for about 60 characters also you can see the option to add a co-host to your event. Be alert while adding co-host because they will also have authority to cancel, edit, remove people from the event.
  • Also you can see the option like selecting the day and time of your event.
  • Finally you have to add deion of your event you can also give your complete detail because this clubhouse app allows you to use 200 characters to describe your event.
  • After you have done completing all your details just tap on publish which is located at the top right corner
  • Now your scheduled event will be displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • You can also share your event with your friends and additionally you can perform actions like tweet, copy the link, add it to your calendar
  • After you were created your event you can also edit or delete at anytime.
  • If you want to find your event then just press on calendar icon which is located at the top of the screen on the menu icon. Now choose my events from the pop-up menu where you can see all your events that
  • Before going to start the event you have to load the clubhouse for a few min and hit the start room by doing this you can see your scheduled event list and you can ready to start

start your clubhouse app

  • if you were creating a room on clubhouse you will not get all the advantage of a scheduled room eg you will not get a link to share or you will be not able to add deion
  • If you want to create alley go to the main lane and tap on the create room now it will ask you to select the type of rooms. Rooms are like open, social and closed.
  • First thing open room this room is for everybody who are all in platform and secondly social room is for the people who you followed and third close room is for the people who invite to the room
  • After selecting the type of your room then click on + add topic and assign the room a topic your topic should be same like your event name. min 60 character is allowed to plan a room. Keep in remember after starting the event you will be no longer to modify.
  • To make you more clear example if you want to close room so you have to add someone to the room before closing to do this just click on choose people and select the people that you want to add before leaving
  • Tips you can also create a private room and make it as public by pressing open it up button which is located at the bottom of the screen. You can do this at anytime.
  • If you are following no one who enters the room then you can see a small notification which is located at the top of the screen then they will be automatically hear and mute they can only speak or raise their hands or up on stage

Moderate your clubhouse room

  • This is the first thing you have to do introduce yourself and the topic of the room
How to start a clubhouse room and moderate like a pro
  • After your introduction raise your hand by clicking on the button which is located at the right corner they will take all by one by one you will be in queue

Reset your room

  • Many people will come and go into your room , by tapping on the all rooms which is located at the top of the screen you can see how many people are in your room at present, also at the bottom side you can see your face as room moderator and you can see next people face with plus sign and number.

Adding another moderator

  • The purpose of this process is if you went out or any urgent call your room will be get ended again you can rebuild it if you have another moderator in your room the room will be continue whether you live in or not
  • To add another moderator you have to tap on profile of anyone on the stage and choose for create moderator
  • Suddenly that person will get small green symbol will occur next to their name then just tell them take care of the people who are in my stage. Then they will get all the power like you
How to start a clubhouse room and moderate like a pro

Managing the scene

  • It is also your duty to operate I think that best rooms are questioned. If you see the notification that he requested to speak in your room. You can invite them to stage or you can do any actions.
  • By pressing hands icon you can see who want to talk

End clubhouse room

  • If you decide to close room then press three dots which is located at the top right corner


This is a best experience for all audience also share your experience in the below comment section.

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