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How to spoof pokemon Go with iAnyGo

Pokemon Go is my favorite game from my childhood days. Many game may come and go but pokemon go has place in all of our hearts. Also it was designed very initiative and attracted cartoon. But there is some conditions and restrictions as you can only navigate the area nearby your house. This is spoiling our gaming experience and affect our pokemon collection. The main goal of this game is collecting all the collection. Now let us see how to spoof pokemon Go with iAnyGo

At the time when pokemon go was launched all the people were moving to different countries to catch exotic pokemon. But in this suitivation we cannot go anywhere due to this virus. Don’t worry guys you can spoof location in pokemon go with tenorshare iAnyGo application.

Freely changes GPS location on your iphone

Games like pokemon go and other some games like geo-location based will use your location make you excite. In this game you can go all places in your neighbourhood catching differently. But not all the users can do due to lockdown restrictions. By using iAnyGo you can change your GPS location. This software is a trick which you can use to spoof any location to play the game. Guys not only on pokemon go other more games also working

Steps to spoof pokemon go with iAnyGo

Follow all our steps one by one

  • At first you have to open iAnyGo and click on enter. Make sure to checkmark disclaimer option
  • Next you have to connect your iphone to your pc using cable
  • Now you have to search for the location and select your current location. Also you can mark star your wanted location
How to spoof pokemon Go with iAnyGo


Looking spoofing is a new process and then playing geo-location was not so fun. It is used to prank all  

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