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How to Sign PDF with Timestamp

Recently digital signature becomes more important original signature to apply a job in online or online exam anything but some people don’t know how. Here in this article we tell you how to Sign PDF with Timestamp. To go for online hearings and interview companies are asking for your PDF signature with timestamp printed on it.

Digital signature has not only become lawfulness of a person it also provides a digital id. Anyways signing a document is not a difficult thing you can do it by two methods on both online and offline method. Follow us by given steps

Method 1: Using online PDF tools

You can see different types of tools available to sign your documents with timestamp. It will keep your documents safe and to maintain integrity one of its types is “ilovePDF” from play store which help you a lot try it

Here you can see two types of options one is personal if you are personal then signing can be done only by you and next is multiple here signature can be done by anyone. You can also customize your signature by uploading signature

How to Sign PDF with Timestamp
How to Sign PDF with Timestamp

file also we will tell you how you have to just drag and drop your signature with timestamp why because to add timestamp to your PDF files  

Method 2: Using PDF software

  • At first you have to open your file any software but we recommend you to use adobe acrobat
  • Now from the lowest tab select “ work with certificates”
  • after that there will be no time stamp and no digital sign then you have to choose certify option as per your document type you have to select visible or not visible option
  • simply you have to hold and drag your signature on which place you want to place it in your document
  • now a pop- up window will open which ask you to choose sign as option
  • By clicking on the info icon under the pop-up dialog box you can check certificate details
  • You can also change your signature appearance by clicking on appearance option then select signature that you were used before there is also an option to create by own
How to Sign PDF with Timestamp
  • Next inside the permitted actions after certifying option you can limit or expand your document authority it will make your document open
  • Then it will go for next window there tap on sign finish
  • Finally you can send your documents to anyone
How to Sign PDF with Timestamp


This article is very useful and we hope that you have learned how to Sign PDF with Timestamp for all after a few years it will be more important to all official files.  

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