How to share screen on slack

Slack is where work happens. It is a new layer of technology that brings together people, applications and data. The easiest way to understand is that Slack replaces email inside your company. It is a very simple to use app. It is basically a communication platform that makes communication among many people especially in an office or bigger institutions easier.

There is also an option to message any employee or person privately. There is also an in-built editor wherein you can edit texts wherever you are. You can also share your screen with anyone through calling. Your employees or friends can also respond to your messages that you post in the channel. You can also set Slack to a Do Not Disturb mode that helps you to mute notifications automatically as per the timing s you set as your private hours.


Slack is one of the fastest growing communication application platforms in the world today. Some of the amazing features of Slack are as follows:


If you wish to share your screen with others using Slack, please follow these simple and easy steps:

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Slack is by far becoming one of the fastest growing communication platforms in today’s world. They are the most preferred app by most of the organizations. The amazing features they have and the integration of the features of email is the highlight of Slack.

Slack is one of the most sought after application by most of the companies across the world because of its ability to group messages into channels, rather than the conventional inbox that appears in emails.

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