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How to set parental controls on roku

May this parents are busy with their professional works so that may cannot watch their kids anytime also every time for that we have tell you a safe device that makes you feels calm and kids are be safe any unwanted thing here the device which we all wish to have that is ROKU also called the parental controls this is another technology parent for kids and children this roku helps the children from ads, unwanted chapters it can’t only hides that unwanted content it also controls  limited ads it also provides us for set in devices like firestick, apple tv, roku etc..

This roku advantages is that keeps your children be safe and friendly without any unwanted things that can check which kinds of website the watching or appear the major thing is you can monitor your children activities in watching and you can check their history whch children had watched also you can change the parental control immediately according to children age

How to set parental controls on roku

This method is very easy and simple you can set this parental control roku or they provides us a website through you can set it for more easy and less work you can straightly set with roku device

How to set parental control on roku by using browser

  • At first you should open a google chrome or any search engine or computer or android phones
  • And go to the website of roku and click the button for sing in this will on top right corner 
  • Click avatar icon and select my account
  • And click the update option this under PIN preference section
  • Click the radio option it always require the PIN that make to purchase or add times in from the store channel
  • After that you can set the password as four digit PIN for parental controls and scroll down select your kid type which is little age, young age, or teens and click save changes option
  • Finally done

Through roku device

  • Open roku and open the home screen and then select settings button where you can see in main menu
How to set parental controls on roku
  • Next you have to click on parental control and create four digit PIN as your wish
How to set parental controls on roku
  • Then click for enable control option where you can able to see under TV tuner
  • And then go to movie ratings and then general audience
  • Also you have to select for the option block all unrated programs it will disable all the program which your kids do not like to stream

How to hide movie store and TV store

  • Open roku home screen then you have to go to settings and then home screen there click dropdown arrow where you can able to see in top right corner
  • And then select movie store and tv store click for hide button
  • Finally done guys. Now you can able to open only by clicking on show button.

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