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How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Chrome on Android

You may know that we could print a webpage and save it in a PDF document on the Chrome Desktop browser. But, this option is even obtainable in Chrome for Android smartphones.

Still, you might have noticed that Chrome for iOS doesn’t have ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Print to PDF’ options observable somewhere within its Printer Options screen. Nor does it have a Safari-style ‘Copy to Books’ option

How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Chrome on Android

Step  1 : To open the Chrome browser Android app.

How to Save Web Pages as PDF

Step 2: Roll down the Share Sheet, and after wards tap Print. On the Printer Options screen that displays subsequently, perform a Zoom In (or Pinch Out) sign on in the least preview thumbnail. This action would instantaneously convert the web page to a PDF file.

Step 3:Hit on vertical 3 dots for options.

Step 4:  Indicate the Share… option from the list.

Step 5: choose[HS1] the Printer to Save as PDF and view Print Preview.

How to Save Web Pages as PDF

Step 6:  Go to on Save as PDF button and select the location to store the file.

Convert Web Pages to PDF — Chrome for Android

Now, every time I have a problem with my network, I  make sure to by here save a webpage as a PDF for future reading. Then it is available offline, I do not have to concern about low network zones to any further extent. Unknown could interrupt my work here. The chrome print to PDF just improves to this by now wonderful feature.

Step 1: Begin the webpage you want to store in Chrome browser on your phone. Delay until it is loaded totally.

Step 2:Hit the Menu at the top right to expand the menu on the right side and select Share from the menu.

Step 3: Afterwards the android print dialog would open. Hit on Select a printer at the top left and pick Save as PDF from the drop-down menu.

 Step 4: Hit on the down arrow to expand more settings. At this time you could customize paper size, color, orientation, and so on.

 Step 5: For instance, you could select ‘Color’ and pick out  ‘Black & White’ to convert the webpage to PDF in black and white; hit ‘Pages’ to choose which pages to store rather than saving the full web page.


I have no idea why Chrome on the iPhone has to contain such an doubtful wave to store web pages to PDF, but at least it’s super-easy to perform. On Android, things are attractive straightforward, as it should be.

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