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How to Save Videos on Snapchat [Android & iOS]

Snapchat  is social media app, accessible for both iPhones and Android phones, that is attentive on short-term posts. There is a time edge on how long your photos and videos preceding on the app as soon as you post them. Develop it as an ending date.

How to save Snapchat videos from friends?

You are out of luck. Snapchat does not offer made-in options to save someone else videos. But , you could usage the screen recorder on your Android or iOS device to record additional videos.

iPhone users running iOS 11 & later could create use of the made-in screen recorder to record your friend’s videos. Although doing this, your friend would receive a notification asserting that their video was recorded.

On the other hand, Android users could also made-in recorded (if accessible) or third party Android screen recorders to save Snapchat videos from friends.

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How to save your Snapchat videos to camera roll?

Step 1 : Visit your Snapchat app and arrive  recording a video by holding the big record button on the home screen.

Step 2 : As soon as you recorded the video, pick the Save menu positioned at the bottom left corner.

How to Save Videos on Snapchat

Step 3 : After the video was saved, the Saved message would pop-up directly above the Save menu.

Step 4: End  the screen by pressing the X mark situated on the top left corner of the screen.

How to Save Videos on Snapchat

Step 5 : Here, scroll down the home screen as of the bottom and hold down the video that you recorded.

Step 6: Pick the Export icon and choose Camera Roll.

Step 7 :  Here, you could view the recorded video on your device’s gallery.

If you take sent the video to your personal story without convertible it on the gallery, you could get them easily.

Step 1 : Go for your stories tab on the Snapchat app.

Step 2 : Hit the three dot menu icon on the top right corner of the story.

Step 3 : Choose Save to store the video on your device.

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Avoid downloading third-party Snapchat video downloaders

Because of privacy problems, Snapchat has limited many third-party downloaders to save the videos. In spite of that, some apps have appeared out in Google Play Store and Apple Store. Those apps are not worthwhile to use as they claim to collect your Snapchat login authorizations.

It is essential not to share the login identifications of Snapchat or somewhat other social media with anybody else. Hereafter, avoid downloading those apps to avoid possible risks.

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