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How to restart any Apple TV model in 3 ways, to fix glitches and other issues

Restarting could be useful for many reasons, particularly if your Apple TV is frozen or wants to be troubleshooted. 

Happily, there are methods to restart an Apple TV that are simpler than unplugging it from the wall. Now how to restart your Apple TV in two methods, managing the remote and Settings app.

How to restart an Apple TV

Initially, you could use the remote.

step 1: If you need a Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote — this remote has a touchpad and a microphone button 

How to restart an Apple TV

step2:  hold down the Home and Menu buttons still the light on your Apple TV flashes. Move to go once the light on your Apple TV begins flashing and it would restart. 

Step 3:If you have an older Apple TV Remote, hold the Menu and down buttons still the light on your Apple TV flashes.

How to restart an Apple TV

Step 4: Let go, and your device would reset.

You could also restart your Apple TV by going to the Settings app.

On an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD:

Step1. Visit the Settings app, which has an icon that wants like a gray gear.

Step2. Swipe up to and pick on “System.”

Step3. Choose “Restart.”

Your Apple TV would take a moment to restart.

On an Apple TV 3 or older:

Step1. Go to your Settings app.

Step2. To begins the “General” menu.

Step3. Swipe to and pick on “Restart.”

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If for some reason your remote is not working and you could not use it to restart your device, instead activate your Apple TV, wait for six seconds, and then enable it back in. This article is useful for you means share your ideas and given below comment box fulfill your doubts also our team will guide you 24*7.

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