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How to Reset Pinterest Password [2 Mins Guide]

Mentioning the usernames and passwords are a complicated thing. In the digitized world, everybody has at least 5 accounts in social media sites which contains Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thus, you essential to think of usernames and password for five changed sites. Currently, the password condition in these social media sites are complex. Your password desires to have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Finally, you end up forgetting the password.

Inopportunely, you can not  reset your Pinterest account password by means of a smartphone. But you could change your password. If you forgot the password and need to reset it, you want to use the web browsers on your Windows, Mac PC or smartphones.

Steps How to Reset Pinterest Password

Step 1 : Go to any browsers on your smartphone or PC.

Step 2 :  Tap the Reset Password page.

How to Reset Pinterest Password

Step 3 : Type your email, username or name of your Pinterest account.

How to Reset Pinterest Password

Step 4 :  If you type your email, pick on the Send a password reset email button.

How to Reset Pinterest Password

Step 5 :  If you type your username, pick on the Search button. The accounts associated to your username will appear. pick the “This Is Me” button that agrees to your account.

Step 6: On the next screen, you would develop the pop-up stating that the reset password email is sent to your mail account.

Step 7 : Here, tap the your email and pick out on the Reset Password button. It would send you to the Reset Password page.

Step 8 : Now, type your new password two times and pick the Change Password button.

Step 9 :  At that time you will get a pop-up that the password has been altered successfully. Pick Okay.

Note: For security purposes, Pinterest would permit you to have the previously worked passwords by way of the new password.

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