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How to Report on Discord [Kick, Ban & Report]

Discord is a VoIP service introduced especially for the video gaming community users to communicate with another gamers. It permits sharing text messages, photos, videos, and audio between those users accessible on the channel. It is free to managed and at times, the users take the platform for granted. 

How to Report on Discord as a Channel Member?

Being a channel member on Discord, you could report someone who has violated the community guidelines. Here is how to do it.

Step(1) To start Settings > choose Appearances > turn on Developer Mode.

how to report on discord

Step(2) Right-click on the user to choose the Copy ID of that User ID.

how to report on discord

Step(3) You should here paste the ID somewhere to use it later.

Step(4) pick on the three-dots on the right side of the message you are reporting. Afterwards pick on Copy Link option.

Step(5) Afterwards, paste the link for later use.

Step(6) You should right-click on the server name in the channel list and select Copy ID.

Step(7) Paste it in your desires place.

Step(8) afterwards, pick on the link to add all the information into the report ask.

How to Kick Someone on Discord?

While waiting for the Discord team to take required action, you could kick or mute someone on the Discord server. If in case you do not own the server, afterwards you could report to the mods. Kicking someone from Discord prerequired admin privileges. By blocking someone on social media would prevent them from joining the channel again without your permission. Now is how to kick them from your channel,

Step(1) choose the Discord channel from which you want to remove someone at first.

Step(2) As if the user list, select the user.

Step(3) create a right-click on the user name and choose Kick.

Step(4) Study the Verification again and ensure you are about to remove someone on the Discord channel.

Note: Upon kicking any one, they would be removed from the server and cannot get back to your channel unless you allow. If someone in your channel has admin privileges to being the person back to the channel, then create changes in your channel terms and request them to consult the admin if in case of bringing back the user you have kicked off. Another, follow the section below.

How to Ban Someone on Discord?

If you do not need someone in your channel to bring back the person you have reported, afterwards you could better ban them. To do so,

Step(1)  select the channel from which you want to delete the user.

Step(2) choose the username from the list.

Step(3) You should right-click the username and pick on Ban option.

Step(4) Reverify it by clicking on Ban again.

Though a person is banned on the Discord channel, afterwards only the admin could remove delete ban. You could remove those who have the right to insert a person on the channel to ensure safety.

How to Report on Discord using iOS?

If you want to report user on Discord from iOS, afterwards the process is simpler than the procedure to report them using a desktop.

Step(1) Hold down the finger on the top of the message.

Step(2) Just choose the Report option.

Note: Unlike the desktop version, you want not look for ID codes, explanations, etc.

Reporting and removing someone who has violated the terms and conditions while managed Discord is that easier. 

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