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How to Report a YouTube Channel [Step-By-Step Method]

Google’s YouTube video service is an ever popular basis of videos for entertainment, education and every one additional resolve underneath the sun. Meanwhile YouTube videos are underwrote by users, about videos are certain to break copyright-violation laws or contain uncertain content. You could report an wrong video channel by flagging the videos on the channel and by filling out Google’s YouTube manipulation report form.

For about reason, the reportage appear on YouTube is only accessible on the website. You can not report a channel beginning your smartphone app. You essential to have a computer or laptop to report a YouTube channel.

What happens when you Report a YouTube Channel?

Once you report a channel, it would not be deleted from YouTube straight gone. The reported content would be studied by YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Age-Restriction. If the stated content disturbs the Community Guidelines, it would be deleted from YouTube. If it is unsuitable for younger audiences, it might be age-restricted.

How to Report YouTube Channel

Step 1: On your PC,  visit the YouTube website.

Step 2: Log in with your account if requested and then visit the channel that you want to report.

How to Report a YouTube Channel

Step 3: Pick the About tab on the screen afterwards on the About section, the channel’s description, statistics, external links would seem. Swipe down a little, you would search a Flag shaped icon.

Step 4: Pick on the Flag icon. You would get four options. Block user, Report channel art, Report profile picture, Report user.

  1. Block users would block the specific channel as of your YouTube profile.
  2. Report channel art would style a report ask for the contents of the channel.
  3. The report profile picture would create a report appeal for the profile picture managed in the channel.
  4. The report user would create a report appeal for the channel owner.

Step 6: Select the suitable one.

Step 7: If you select the Report user option, you want to have a YouTube channel on your personal and want to require the reason. For the rest two report options, it would request for approval.

Step 8: If you select the reason as None of these are your issue, you would be directed to various policies like Privacy reporting, Legal reportage, and Moment of death or serious injury footage.

Step 9: Fill out the particular forms and tick the Report button.

Note: All the report needs are complete in secret. No user data is give in to in the report appeal.

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End Note

These are the steps that you want to follow as soon as reporting a YouTube channel. Creation needless report resolve damage your own YouTube account. Thus, report a YouTube channel only after it is compulsory.

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