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How to Repair Null IMEI Number on UMIDIGI A7, A7S, A7, A9 Pro BISON

In this guide, we would display you how to repair null IMEI number on Umidigi A7, A7S, A7 Pro, A9 Pro Bison devices. The Umidigi smartphone brand is recognized for as long as good specs in their devices laterally with possession the price tag below the budget category. The names of the devices declared above all follow this specific trend and are evidence to this statement. Along with that, Umidigi devices have also now go in the custom expansion domain and have developed active players in custom development. There are numerous things to try out, since flashing of Custom ROMs and binaries, to foraging your device via Magisk.

What is IMEI?

IMEI expands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This file is a worldwide uniqueness of your device and is various for every Android device out there wherever around the world. The IMEI number is very significant because without an IMEI number for your phone, you would not be talented to use the services of in the least network carrier on your phone. Additionally, the IMEI number of your device could also be used to track it. This displays that the IMEI number is very important for your device.

How to Repair Null IMEI Number on UMIDIGI A7, A7S, A7 Pro, A9 Pro, BISON

Separately from helping you repair a unethical IMEI number, the steps declared under in this guide will also benefit you to fix or repair lost MEID numbers for your device laterally with the Google Certificate as well. Therefore, without any additional ado, let’s get into it.

Download SN Writer TEE Tool

Earlier you proceed with the technique, you are essential to download the latest SN Writer TEE tool that agrees to your Umidigi device from the links provided below:

  • A7: SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A7.rar
  • A7.E (eea): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A7_eea.rar
  • A7S: SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A7S.rar
  • A7S.E (eea): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A7_eea.rar
  • A7 Pro (all versions): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A7Pro.rar
  • A9 Pro 64GB (all versions): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A9Pro64.rar
  • A9 Pro 128GB (all versions): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_A9Pro128.rar
  • BISON (all versions): SNWriter_1924-4.2.1-up-1.2.1-vturkey_BISON.rar

Modify Windows Host File

As soon as you have downloaded the SN Writer TEE tool for your device, you have to change Windows Host file on your PC. With the purpose of do that, you must have administrative rights. Accordingly, if you are ready, follow the steps declared below to modify Windows Host file.

STEP 1: Initial, you are essential to start up the file explorer software and before advance to the location given under:


STEP 2: Here and now you would be able to see a host file. Right click on it and at that time click on Open with Notepad from the options that seem.

STEP 3: Here and now at the end of the file, leave a line and then enhance the following lines:

STEP 4: Here and now you have to save the file, either you could do it by going to file seeming on the top left of your screen or by simply by means of the shortcut key Ctrl + S to save it directly.

As soon as you are through with the above-mentioned stages, keep to the next step to repair null IMEI number on Umidigi A7, A7S, A7 Pro, A9 Pro Bison devices.

Repair IMEI Number via SN Writer TEE Tool

STEP 1: First up, you are compulsory to extract the downloaded SN Writer TEE to at all expedient directory in your computer.

Repair Null IMEI Number on UMIDIGI

STEP 2: As soon as done, you have to launch the SN Writer TEE tool by initial the SN Writer.exe file. Next, click on the System Config button as soon as the tool opens.

STEP 3: Later, you are essential to accurately check mark all of the options that are patterned in the image given under and then pick on the save button at the bottom of the interface.

STEP 4: When done, continue to the Identify Tab situated at the menu bar at the top and Engineer > Enable Auto Gen since the options that are accessible.

STEP 5: After you have finished the above phase, you are essential to click on the start button, afterwards which you have to go in your IMEI number in the space that is on condition that and then pick on OK.

STEP 6: Afterward, switch off your device and at that time connect it to your computer by a USB cable.

STEP 7: As soon as your device is associated, the flashing would initiate instantly. Here and now you would have to wait as this might take a few minutes.

STEP 8: You would know as soon as the flashing process has been accomplished by the Pass message agreed by the tool. And that was all, you could now safely take away your device from the PC.

Subsequently that was it from our side on how to repair null IMEI number on Umidigi A7, A7S, A7 Pro, A9 Pro Bison devices. You could confirm the success of this development by heading over to Settings > About Phone and your IMEI number should be accessible there. On this note, we arrange our guide.

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