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How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group [Possible Solutions]

Snapchat is a different chat app to share moments in the quickest methods. It is the best multimedia social app that associates with anyone. Snapchat is all about snaps that self-removes after 24 hours. It contains chats, stories, emojis, photos, videos that could be shared over it. The inbuilt camera is much loved as it develops users add lenses and filters to photos. Besides one-on-one conversation, Snapchat permits chatting with multiple people as Groups. It’s users could chat with up to 31 people by creating a Group.

While, the group chat feature is not like other social apps on Snapchat. It is all the methods vary, at least when it comes to deleting a Snapchatter. Whether you need to insert anyone new when the group is full or inserted a wrong participant, you would look for deleting options on Group. You would not search it, and since we came with this article to guide you on how to remove Someone from Snapchat Group.

Is it really possible to remove someone from Snapchat Group?

No, it is not possible. Snapchat does not let the group admin or someone to delete someone from the group chat. So, you would not search some option on Snapchat for removing someone on the group. Snapchat has limited the correct of the group admin in group chat feature. It has given more functionality to the group member.

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How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group?

If you could not directly delete anyone from the group chat on Snapchat, then do any of the following.

Create a New Group

To create a group on Snapchat, pick on the group chat icon at the top of the Friends screen. Give a group name > and insert the participants.

Ask them to Leave

Snapchat permits the group members to leave the group at any time. Thus, the best thing is to tell the Snap chatter on your group to exit it. Though it looks to be a tough thing, there is no other methods to remove a person from a group chat. Though they leave, all their chats and snaps they shared would be cleared from the group chat. L

Ask the user to open Group chat > pick on the Group chat icon to open Group Profile. Pick on More (three dots) > choose Leave Group.

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Choose to Leave Group

Wait for Group to Expire

The least you could do is to delays for the group to expire. It would happen only when none of the Snap chatters in your group had not inverted a new snap. With this, the Group would expire after 24 hours. This methods is the final solution to remove someone on Snapchat.

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Our Opinion

Even though Snapchat lacks the option of deleting anyone from a group, you could still take merits of it with some of the above tips. We do not look to search some other possibilities to delete someone from the group chat on Snapchat.

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