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How to Remove Macros From an Excel File With 3 Ways

Macros is a rule or pattern which shows you a certain input should be mapped to replace output. If you apply macro to an input then it is called macro expansion. Both the input and output are may be sequence of lexical tokens or characters or syntax free. All the software application will support for character macros to make easy to witness common command sequence. In some programing language token and tree macros will be supported it will enable reuse code or to extend language

How to Remove Macros From an Excel File

Here I will explain you how to remove to VBA from a Microsoft Excel file. Here I will explain you three methods to remove macros from an excel file. Here there is a solution for you

Delete the Module Consisting of Macros

Now you have to use visual basic editor to remove which module you no need actually. Follow below step by step procedure

  • First open your visual basic editor
  • Then click on developer then visual basic
  • Next on the menu bar you can see view option click on it
  • Then click on project explorer
  • Now you have to open the module which is your worksheet object this will be depend upon where your macros exist
  • Now your code opens where you can select all your macros and finally click on delete
  • Otherwise by clicking right click on a module in the project explorer also on the menu select remove module to remove

Changing the excel file name extensions

By changing the excel file name extension to XLSX you can also remove macros. But it will be support only for the formats like .XLSM, .XLSB, .XLS.  Here below we will tell you a step by step procedure to remove all your macros from the file

  • At first go to file then save as and then click on browse
How to Remove Macros From an Excel File
  • Now browse that the file should have extension like XLSM, XLSB, XLS.
  • And then select that file type
  • Now click on the save as type to view more on drop –down menu
How to Remove Macros From an Excel File
  • From the list click on excel workbook which is *.xlsx
  • Finally click on save now you will see a popup dialog box on your screen that saving in xlsx format VB project features will not be saved
  • This is why because you will need to have excel file without the macros then click yes to continue

This method is simple and very easy to remove that we recommend you.

Remove a macro

If you want to remove some specific or particular macro here one for you

  • In excel below the developer tab you can see macros click on it
How to Remove Macros From an Excel File
  • In the macro dialog box select this worksheet from the description
  • Now on the workbook list of macros you can select your macros to delete
  • Now select the macro right click and delete it
  • Same process you can follow to delete another macros  

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