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How to Remove Apple ID from Apple Watch in 2 Ways

If you are selling or giving away your Apple Watch, you would want to delete the Activation Lock before anyone else could start to use it. 

This deletes your Apple ID and other personal information, and unpairs it from your iPhone, which permits the watch to be designed by a new user. 

How to Remove Apple ID from the Apple Watch?

Step(1):Ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are paired with everyone. 

Step(2) : To begins the Watch app on your iPhone.

How to Remove Apple ID from Apple Watch

Step(3) :Visit My Watch tab and hit on your name at the top.

Step(4) : On the next screen, pick the Info button next to the name.

Step(5) : Here, pick on the Unpair Apple Watch option.

Step(6) : It would request for your Apple ID password.  Type the password to verify it.

How to Remove Apple ID from Apple Watch

Step(7) : Your Apple ID would be deleted from the Apple Watch.

By unpairing iPhone and Apple Watch, your Apple ID would be deleted from your watch.

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Alternate Method

If you want to delete / remove the Apple ID remotely, you could use this way.

Step(1) :Launch the and log in with your Apple ID.

Step(2) :Choose the Find My iPhone option.

Step(3) :Here, on the top, pick the All Devices drop-down option and select your Apple Watch.

Step(4) :Pick on the Erase button on the pop-up.

Step(5) :In the verification, pick the Erase button.

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These are the two methods to delete your Apple ID from the Apple Watch. Delete the Apple ID only though it is required.

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