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How to recover snapchat messages

Snapchat is a very cool and easy-to-use app that lets you contact your friends around the world and keeping them updated about day-to-day activities. It adds life to your photos. There are many different types of lenses, some of them are also very funny. In some of the lenses or filters, you can use it along with your friends.

Steps on How to recover snapchat messages

If you wish to recover the deleted messages or the lost messages in Snapchat, please follow these simple and easy steps. There are many methods, some of which are shown below:


When someone sends you a message, you can long-press on the message and note saying ‘Saved’ will occur. Now, this saved messaged will be highlighted in grey colour. These saved messages will be present both in your chat as well as your friend’s chat space

METHOD 2 : For How to recover snapchat messages in Android & iPhone

How to recover snapchat messages
How to recover snapchat messages
How to recover snapchat messages
  • Firstly, you will have to install an app called file manager in your phone.
  • Once you download it, open the app and go to com.snapchat Android & iPhone folder
How to recover snapchat messages
  • Now, search for .nomedia files inside that folder
  • Once you find this, you will have to change this file name and then remove the nomedia extension
  • After you have done this, you will be able to see the deleted messages in Snapchat


  • To access your Snapchat history data, open your browser and got to
  • Then, log in to your account using the username and password
  • In the next page, select ‘My Data’
  • Scroll down and click Submit Request
  • Snapchat will then send an email to the email address connected to your Snapchat account
  • Go to your email address. There, you will find a link. Click on that link in order to go to the download page
  • Now, click the link on the top, that will contain a zipped folder that will have all your Snapchat data
  • When the download is complete, click the folder at the bottom in order to open it
  • Then, open the Html subfolder
  • Click on the file for the type of the data that you would like to use
  • When you open one of these files, you will see a page, where you will be able to see your Snap history
  • In this way, you will be able to recover the deleted messages and chats in your Snapchat account


  • One of the interesting things about Snapchat is that, based on the number of days that you continuously send snaps to your friends, you will be able to maintain a snap streak. It will also show what kind of relationship you and your friend are in-for example; mutual friends, besties, etc.
  • If you send snaps to your friends regularly, your relationship status will get upgraded automatically and each relationship has a corresponding emoji to it. This emoji will appear against your friend’s name.
  • You can also have private chats with your friends. There is an option to clear the chats either after your friend views it or after 24 hours.
  • Another awesome feature of Snapchat is that the videos that you capture are viewed in full-screen vertical modes.
  • You can also keep the snap as your story, so that your friends can view it. This story usually lasts for a day.
  • You can also click pictures of yourself using different Snapchat filters and lens, and save them in your camera roll. These pictures can also be sent later to your friends.
  • Another wonderful feature of Snapchat is the Geofilter. This feature detects your location and automatically applies the filters according to that location.
  • Additionally, you will also get notified on your friend’s birthday. You can send birthday snap to them as well.

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I would like to say that I have been using this app for a couple of years and I am just loving it. It is so easy to use it and a lot more fun too. The new filter and lens update are just WOW! I will guarantee that you will enjoy it immensely. However, make sure that you update this software timely.

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