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How to Open Nvidia Control Panel on Windows and Mac

NVIDIA Control Panel is a difficult thing in all GeForce graphics cards. It is primarily managed for available games and many other graphical rendering tools to improve its performance. NVIDIA gives control over NVIDIA graphics driver settings between with other subsiding utilities present in the system. Managed this control panel, you could improve your gaming and rendering process quicker and smoother. Thus let’s see how to open the NVIDIA Control Panel on both Windows and macOS platforms.

Some of the most general used tool and features on the NVIDIA Control Panel are:

  • Video zoom
  • Change screen resolution
  • Change video image settings
  • 3D settings to the image preview
  • Configure TV/HD format
  • Ambient occlusion
  • An Isotropic filtering
  • Full-screen video display mirroring
  • Edge-blending
  • View HDCP status
  • Configure the multiple Display configuration

Open Nvidia Control Panel in Windows PC

In Windows, there is more than one methods to how to open the Nvidia Control panel.

From Desktop

Step[1] Right-click on the mouse asif your Desktop.

Step[2] From the context menu, pick on Nvidia Control Panel.

Step[3] here, you could make changes to the Nvidia Control panel.

From Control Panel

Step[1] pick on the start icon from the desktop or press the Windows key on the keyboard.

Step[2] Find and select Control Panel from the Start menu.

Step[3] below the Control Panel, double-click on the NVIDIA Control Panel to view it.

Via Search

Step[1] pick on start and search (Windows XP and 7) or click on the Search bar near the start menu (Windows 8, 10, and above).

Step[2] Find for Nvidia Control Panel (or) you could also search inside Control panel if you could not find.

Step[3] pick on the Nvidia Control panel from the search result.

Step[4] here, you could view or make changes in the Nvidia Control panel.

Update Nvidia Control Panel to Latest Version

You could easily update Nvidia drivers through GeForce Experience.

Step[1] Download and install the GEFORCE EXPERIENCE asif the official website.

GEFORCE EXPERIENCE is an integrated application that permits you to capture and share gameplay, screenshots, add filters, and live streams with friends. Also, it could optimize your game settings and followed your graphic drivers up to date.

Step[2] To begins the app and pick on the Drivers section from the top panel.

Step[3] pick on Check update.

How to Open Nvidia Control Panel

Step[4] If there is some update, update it on your PC.

Step[5] That’s it. The Nvidia panel has been updated effectively.

Open Nvidia Control Panel in Mac

Step[1] switch on your Mac device.

Step[2] Asif the menu bar on the home screen, pick on the Nvidia eye icon from the panel.

Step[3] pick the Nvidia web driver (or) Open Nvidia Driver Manager preference option.

Step[4] here, you could manage Nvidia Driver on your Mac.

Update Nvidia Control Panel in Mac OS

On Mac, you could update Nvidia Control Panel directly from device settings or visit this Nvidia page to get the newest version. After installing the latest version, restart your device to apply the changes.


(1) What to do if my Nvidia control panel is not opening or missing?

First, try to prove the Nvidia graphic drivers were updated to the modern version. If there was any update, install it and restart your system. You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver when Nvidia control panel is not opening.

(2) How to Open Nvidia Overlay in the game?

To start the Nvidia overlay in the game, install the Game ready driver from GEFORCE EXPERIENCE and click on Alt + Z or click on the Share icon inside the game to displayed the Nvidia Overlay.

(3) How to add the Nvidia Control panel in the desktop Context menu?

Step[1] To begins vControl panel.

Step[2] Select the Nvidia Control panel from the menu.

Step[3] pick on the Desktop from the menu bar.

Step[4] select the Add Desktop Context menu.

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