How to keep your digital privacy safe in 2021

Hello guys, we have storing and sharing all our personal information data in our device but we have not giving proper maintenance in digital privacy. We tell you some tips you can check it whether your data are safe in online. This article is about how to keep your digital privacy safe in 2021

Safe passwords

Safe passwords if first when comes to protection we suggest you to use different passwords on your every online account then you can separate your account and protect from getting affected

People were creating passwords by using certain length, using capitals, lower case and different characters. You have to create your password difficult do not use lucky number, date of birth in your password.

It is better you can change password regularly by doing you can keep personal data safe. Also there is a process called two-factor authentication by adding it, it will add another layer for security then it will protect from some hackers.

Virtual Privacy Network (VPN)

This become more famous, NordVPN and ExpressVPN companies were providing us high quality service in our budget. By setting an VPN is easy and it will protect your data in online. You can make use of VPN encrypt hackers may also stop your internet service provider by watching your browsing activities

Social media privacy

Each and every has facing this social media will access your accounts at anytime always check your privacy settings and also be alert while sharing information

Online payments

Paying in online we were using more in these pandemic years. You can do payment for the thing by using debit and credit card, wallets and cryptocurrency

Before doing online purchase conform payment method and payment receiver are trustworthy. If you are doing some big transactions use big names like paypal or VISA. Another important thing is you have to check their website credibility before doing payments. Guys please be alert

Keeping your device up to date

 You have to update your software in time regulary by making it delay also cause some trouble. If you software becomes outdated then it will easy for hackers to hack. Guys without wasting time do update your software

If in doubt, avoid

Guys if do not know anything about online, avoid it guys it will save from many disasters. Always don’t give all your personal details in online. We hope this article How to keep your digital privacy safe in 2021 will be useful

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