How to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

Now you can play your favorite game on play station 4. Sony provides this playstation 4 or PS4 this is a video gaming console with AMD Accelerated Processing Unit. They will release for update regularly but to update there will be some restrictions to install new games. So it is very important to jailbreak play station to get customization and updates. In this article we going to see about how to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

We tell you some types in PS4 they are original, slim, and pro. All of these play station console can be jailbroken with some opinion of firmware version. By using it you can able to add games, mods, and some cheats in games.

How to jailbreak PS4

Guys these steps will be very simple what you have to do is you have to check for firmware version, download the jailbreak file and update your ps4 software. Let us see about how to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

Network and jailbreaking setup

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