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How to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

Now you can play your favorite game on play station 4. Sony provides this playstation 4 or PS4 this is a video gaming console with AMD Accelerated Processing Unit. They will release for update regularly but to update there will be some restrictions to install new games. So it is very important to jailbreak play station to get customization and updates. In this article we going to see about how to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

We tell you some types in PS4 they are original, slim, and pro. All of these play station console can be jailbroken with some opinion of firmware version. By using it you can able to add games, mods, and some cheats in games.

How to jailbreak PS4

Guys these steps will be very simple what you have to do is you have to check for firmware version, download the jailbreak file and update your ps4 software. Let us see about how to jailbreak PS4 gaming console

  • First is check for update for that you have to open playstation 4 and then go to home screen
  • Next you have to select settings where you can see menu
  • Then you have to click on system where you can see from the settings
  • And then choose system information and check your system software see for the 7.55 or below and you can jailbreak the PS4
  • If your using PS4 in lower version then update for firmware to 7.55 we suggest you to update PS4 through USB then you will get exact 7.55 firmware by doing that you can jailbreak it
  • Then download 7.55 firmware online in your pc and then copy all from your USB pendrive. Also check that your pendrive in FAT32 format
  • Then plugin USB pendrive to playstation 4 and move them to your system software update
  • Next you have to check for firmware version and click for next why because to update the firmware then PS4 it will go for restart and update firmware

Network and jailbreaking setup

  • At first you have to go back to settings and then click system then select automatic download and then you have to uncheck all the box why because to avoid automatic update of firmware
  • Next click on network where you can see in settings and then you have to select setup internet connection then choose type of internet connection
  • And then you have to click on custom and then click automatic in IP address and then you have to select do not specify and click manual where you can see in DNS settings
  • It has both primary and secondary then for primary set for ( then secondary DNS ( and then click next and select for automatic where you can see MTU settings
  • Then select do not use and then move to user guide/ helping info where you can see in setting and then click user guide. It will show the site based on IP address
  • Then select for PS4 update version and then click for disable update
  • Then clear browsing history, bookmark and then select settings. Then you have to delete all memory by click on delete, cookies and then click for clear website data.
  • And then select mira payload why because to run and roboot playstation for jailbreaking.
  • Finally PS4 is jailbroken through package installer you can install new games

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