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How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 in 3 Simple Ways

If you need to make a new document with stand-out text, you may need to think about installing a new font. These could be searched online for free, as part of a font set, or for purchase. If you need others to see these fonts, you’ll need to use them in static files, such as PDFs or images. Otherwise, you’ll need to supply the font itself.

You could install fonts on Windows 10 in several ways. You could download and install fonts manually by way of online sources, you could install fonts directly managing the Microsoft Store, or you could use third-party font managers to install fonts for you.

Though Windows 10 was opened in July 2015, it came up with a lot of new updates in the customization settings. Inserting and installing fonts is one of them. As the days pass, the method to install fonts on Windows 10 evolved and here, there are several methods to add fonts on Windows 10 PCs. This guide particularly deals with the different methods to install fonts on Windows 10.

How to Install Fonts on Windows 10?

Yet getting into the installation steps, ensure that you are managing the modern version of Windows 10 (May 2020 version).

Types of Fonts

There are two kinds of fonts accessible, TrueType Fonts (TTF) and OpenType Fonts (OTF). There is not much difference between these kinds. TTF was implement by Apple and Microsoft. This would provided alphabets alone and it could be installed on both Windows and Mac platforms.

On the other hand, OTF was implement by Adobe and Microsoft. These fonts would provide special characters in addition to alphabets. It also could be installed on both Windows and Mac platforms.

How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 from the Settings menu?

Step(1):On your Windows 10 PC, move to Settings

Step(2) :On the Settings windows, choose the Personalization option.

Step(3) : here, select the Fonts feature.

Step(4) :You would see a list of fonts that is installed on your PC.

Step(5) : pick the Get more fonts in Microsoft Store button on the top of the screen.

Step(6) :You would be directed to the Microsoft Store’s Fonts section. Whole the free and paid fonts will display with a preview.

Step(7) :Your Windows 10 PC would list fonts that correspond to the language that you manage on your PC.

Step(8) : If you want to download fonts from other languages, pick the Download fonts for all languages instead of Get more fonts in Microsoft Store button in step 5.

Step(9) : If you need to uninstall a font, select the particular font on the list of fonts and pick the Uninstall button.

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How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 using Control Panel?

Any times, you might search any paid fonts on Microsoft Store accessible for free on many fonts websites. In this way, you are getting to install fonts from the websites.

Step(1) : To start any of the web browsers you have and tab the any one of the fonts websites DaFont, Urban Fonts, or FontSpace.

Step(2) : find for the font that you need to install and download the font on your Windows 10 PC.

Step(3) : afterwards downloading the font, extract the zip file. The files associated to the fonts would be extracted.

Step(4) : Here, to start the Control Panel and go to Appearance and Personalization. Choose the Fonts option.

Step(5) : Drag and drop the font file from the Windows File Explorer to the Fonts Library. The font would be installed on your PC. The font file would be in .ttf or .otf format.

Step(6) :If you need to remove the font, choose the font and click the Delete button. If it request for verification, pick the Yes button.

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Direct Installation

In this way, you are getting to install a font directly from the File Explorer without the Microsoft Store or Control Panel.

Step(1) : Download the font from the website and extract it.

Step(2) : Right-click on the font file.

Step(3) : A pop-up would appear, pick the Install button. It would be installed.

If the installed font is not displays in the edit application, restart the application. The new font would be inserted.

How to Restore Windows 10 Fonts to Default Settings?

Step(1) : To start Control Panel and tab the Fonts section.

Step(2) : pick the Fonts Settings on the left side of the screen.

Step(3) : On the next screen, pick the Restore default font settings. This would uninstall all the manually installed fonts and replace all the pre-installed fonts.

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End note

These are the different methods to install fonts on Windows 10. Method 2 and 3 would also be done on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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