How to install and stream TNT on roku

This tuner entertainment is a platform for streaming channel app for all Roku device users. This online video streaming platform is for US which is mainly created to for films and tv serials. It is one of the top most OTT platform in United States. If you want to watch TNT content in your phone for free you will need active subscription. We going to see about how to install and stream TNT on roku.

In this TNT you can watch and enjoy dramas, shows, and sports. You can see TNT channels like NBA, NCCA, AEW and also baseball. Also in TNT originals contains content like animal kingdom, snow piercer, claws and the alienist all these content you can see only on this TNT service and it is not available other platforms. In this article let us see how to install and stream TNT on roku

How to install TNT on roku


This TNT channel has link with OTT platforms so they provide us free access to OTT subscribers. Few of them were mentioned below where you can go and watch without any subscription

If you are a new users when you are sign up in for the first time then they will give you free trial.

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