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How to install altstore on iphone and ipad

Guys it is not so easy to download any app from apple app store. Apple has some strict regulations. Some apps like console, emulator, torrent clients these app you cannot able to see in apple app store because it causes harm to our device. Are you using iphone or ipad user search for that type of application then you have to sideload that app in your device. In this article we going to discuss about how to install altstore on iphone and ipad

We introduce you a third –party solution named Altstore it will help you. By using your Apple id and then just sideload all apps which is unsupported for your device you can install it.

Steps to install Altstore on your iphone & ipad

Guys this process is lightly difficult to do you should need more attention. You cannot able to download this altstore app in apple app store it is not available so you will need windows or mac pc to install this application in your apple device. But it is not so easy to do follow our steps. Do you have Mac device then you have to icloud configured in your mac. Then are you Mac users then you have to install icloud desktop client and itunes. After you ready for these then you can go for process follow us

  • At first you have to go to chrome and go then go to altstore official website
  • Next you have to download altstore
  • Launch altstore by extracting file in your pc. It will show you prompt message when you do not have icloud in your pc simply you have to click for download button
  • And then you can connect to your iphone or ipad from where you want to sideload third party apps in your pc.
  • For window users guys you have to open itunes and for Mac users you have to open for finder then you have to click on device icon then it will show you summary page
  • Then just scroll down and check that you have enabled for the option” sync with this iphone over Wi-Fi”
How to install altstore on iphone and ipad
  • For windows users in system tray altserver will be running continuous am I right and then for Mac user in menu bar altserver icon will be located right. Fine you have to click on Altserver icon and then select for the option “ install Altstore” in dropdown menu. Then just select iphone or ipad device which is connected to your computer through USB cable
How to install altstore on iphone and ipad
  • Now you will get prompt after you can log in by using your apple ID account as usual you have to fill your login credentials and then sign in. Now you can able to see for install button click on it
How to install altstore on iphone and ipad
  • Altstore will be installed in your device. Guys before opening this app you have to enable for the option trust. We don’t know why developer has made it.
How to install altstore on iphone and ipad
  • To enable trust you have to go to settings and then go to general section here click for “profiles & device management”
  • And then click on your email address which you have used to install Altstoreand then click on trust then again click on trust to reconfirm that’s it guys

Altstore renewal

This app will be stay in your device for up to days. To continue you have to pay 99 dollar per annum. If you don’t like to pay for it then you have to do reinstalling Altstore in your device like we have said the method above. You have to reinstall once after 7 days continuously why because this Altstore app will expire. Before reinstalling just click for “refresh all” where you can able to see in apps section.

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