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How to insert multiple rows in Microsoft excel

Microsoft excel is used by many of the people and inserting row is a feature in it. There are different types of method here we tell you what are

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • At first select the data cell which you want to insert first
  • Next you have to select the total row for that select shift + space also you can see the option to select the entire row in the left side of the sheet.
  • Now you can select many rows that you want to insert by pressing shift + down arrow key to say more clearly if you want to add three then select  three rows using keyboard shortcut
  • After selecting rows you have to press ctrl+ plus key on your number pad  also you can press ctrl + shift key in your  keyboard
  • Depends upon selecting new row will be added
  • By pressing F4 in your keyboard your rows will be added also this key repeats before action in excel also ALT + H + I + R is a another  shortcut key to add in excel for that you have to select cell first then use this shortcut

Using insert option

  • If you want to insert new row then you want to select row using your mouse also if you want to insert multiple rows then select multiple row  keep in mind that you are selecting entire row is not a single cell
How to insert multiple rows in Microsoft excel
  • Now right click that you were selected where you can list of option there click on “insert” now it will be automatically added number of rows in the place you have selected

Using the name box

If want to insert large number of rows then you want to do it manually by using the method name box you can insert rows by pressing simple keys . here we tell you how

  • At first you want to select the rows which you want to insert rows
  • According to your data requirement you can change value  in the name box which you can see in top left corner for example if you want to insert 200 rows above row number 5 then set the name box value as 5:205 now this will select all the cells from 5 to 205
  • If you want to insert 200 rows in the selected space above row number 5 quickly then press ctrl + plus (+) key on your number pad or press ctrl + shift + plus (+) key on your keyboard

Using the copy paste method

  • At first you have to click on blank row and select it
  • Now right click on the row that you have selected and choose copy
  • If you want to insert a new row then click on the cell then you want to select row according to how many you going to insert into the available space
  • Now right click on the selection and select “insert copied cells”

Using mouse + keyboard shortcut

This is a simple and clear method that we suggest you to do

  • At first you have to insert new row for that select the row  from above or below
  • Then you can see a small green dot at the bottom of the row number
  • Now move your mouse pointer to that green dot and press ctrl + shift on your keyboard now you mouse cursor will change from plus to double line icon with arrows on both of the sides
  • Now you have to click left side on your mouse and drag your selection up and down. If you drag it on three rows then three rows will be added quickly and if you drag it up new rows will be added on above

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Try all these methods in your excel sheet. User can insert rows however they want like single multiple but not together.  Here any one method is quiet enough to insert a row. We have given you all tried method. 

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