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How to Insert a Division Symbol on Keyboard?

Division sign ÷ is one of the elementary mathematical symbol. But, defaulting keyboard layout does not have a division key. You could use the keyboard shortcuts to kind division sign in documents. Note that division sign is also mentioned as obelus log in typography. Moreover, there is also a divide emoji that you could use alike to division sign.

Methods to Insert Division Symbol on a Word Document

There the two different methods to insert division symbol in your word document.

  • Using Keyboard Shortcut
  • Using Insert Menu option

Insert Division Symbol using Keyboard Shortcut

Step 1: To start the Word document in your windows computer.

Step 2: Push the Number lock button to  power on the Number lock.

Step 3: Pick in the document to place the insertion pointer where you need  to insert the Division symbol.

Step 4: Here Press and hold the Alt Key and at that time press the 0247.

Step 5: Before release the Alt key, the Division symbol would be inserted to your word document.

Rather than using the above shortcut, you could also use Alt + 246 to add Division Symbol.

Important Note: The above shortcut would work only as soon as you usage the numeric keyboard.

If you are by means of a laptop without numeric keys, you would want to press Fn + Number Lock key, it would power on the number lock. The Right half of your keypad would function as number keys. Today press Alt + 0247 or Alt +246 key combination to insert Division symbol.

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Insert Division symbol using Insert Menu option

If you are not familiar with keyboard shortcuts, you could add the division symbol by means of the Insert menu option in the Word document toolbar.

Step 1:To start with open the appropriate word document on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Go to the cursor to the tool bar and choose Insert option.

Step 3: Below add, pick Symbols drop down option.

Step 4: Afterwards, select Symbols option and then pick the Division symbol.

How to Insert a Division Symbol on Keyboard

Division symbol is inserted to your word document.

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How to Insert Division Symbol in Mac Computer?

Inserting a division symbol to your word document on the Mac computer is very plentiful simple and easy when associated to Windows.

Step 1: To start the text document on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Push and hold an Option key and press / key in the Mac keyboard.

Step 3:Here release the Option key, the division symbol (÷) would be inserted to your text document.

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To Conclude

These are the fastest techniques to improve a division symbol without by means of compound navigation. As well as word documents, you could follow the similar procedure to add a division symbol in other Word Processing programs like Google Docs, Excel, TextEdit, and Notepad.

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