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How to Hide Steam Games/Activity from Friends

The Steam service is usual to share your gameplay movement by default. How to make Steam hide game activity from friends? The following would show three diverse solutions to type Steam hide game activity. If you do not  know how to hide what Steam games you are playing, try the subsequent solutions.

Hide Steam Activity From Privacy Settings

You could hide the Steam game activity by altering the privacy settings. If you do not know how to hide Steam activity via the private settings, you could follow the phases under.

Step 1. Go to  the Steam client on your PC and pick on your Steam name on the ribbon bar at the top. At that time choose Profile from the drop-down menu to access the Profile page of your account.

How to Hide Steam Activity from Friends

Step2. On the right section of the screen, pick the Edit my Profile to run your Steam Profile.

Step 3. At that time you could see the My Privacy Settings button on the right side of the window. pick on it to modification your private settings.

Step 4. In the Privacy Settings window, search the My Profile entry and pick the drop-down menu near the Game Details. At that time choose Private from the drop-down menu, which would set the Game Activity to Private.

You could check if the above steps effectively hide your Steam activity from private settings. To do this, just right-click on an unfilled space in Steam, choose Copy Page URL from the pop-up window, paste the copied URL to your browser and prove if the game activity is hidden.

Hide Steam Activity From Steam Chat

If you do not need all your friends receiving a notification that you have started playing the game or see that you are playing it on their friends list, you could set to offline or develop invisible on Steam chat.

Step 1. Pick the Friends and Chat option in steam.

Step 2. Pick on your username and select Offline or Invisible status.

As soon as it is done, the game information would motionless be visible underneath your profile page, nevertheless your friends would not  be able to see what games you’re playing right nowadays. Also, if you set the Game details to Private, you friends would not be able to see the games you are playing even if you are the online status in Steam chat.

Set Your Profile to Private

Additional way for Steam hide game activity is to set your profile as private. Though, this means that you would be totally remote from friends and additional gamers you meet although playing.

And functions like Friend List, Inventory, Game details and the capability to post comments would be affected although the mode is permitted. If you do not mind these limits, just follow the phases beneath to set your profile to Private:

Step 1. Follow the steps 1 -3 in Solution 1 to start My Private Settings.

Step 2. In the Privacy Settings window, pick the drop-down menu nearby the My Profile and modification the status from Public to Private from the drop-down menu.

The change would be made directly. At that time, you could view your profile and check if Steam hides game activity or not.

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