How to Get Rocket League Hanasha JRL Wheels

Rocket league is a vehicular soccer video game which was which was developed by psyonix. Since last year this game is free to play on pc only from epic games store. Though this game is online game it occurs error called trade-in disabled error. If it occur for you also then here the guide for you but now this game features were disabled and players were receiving error message like “this feature has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later”. It always occur whenever player trying to cash in items and they can’t able to trade in their gear. Here we going to see How to Get Rocket League Hanasha JRL Wheels

We got information about the affected players in this rocket league that they can’t able to find their cosmetics in the inventory. Well this rocket league status twitter handle has their official account in twitter said that trade –ins will remain disable due to psynet issues and it working on it. Here we tell you some of the ways to How to Get Rocket League Hanasha JRL Wheels

Wait until psynet problem fixed

Developers have found that rocket league trade-in feature disable this happened in server side also developers are researching about this issue. We have nothing to just wait until the server get fixed

Checking network connectivity

The process like power cycling, resetting your Wi-Fi router will not solve your issue because of problem in server side. You have to check whether your internet connection is working or not, if you are using Wi-Fi then you can try to switch with wired Ethernet connection and you can cross check it.

Keep up by following @RL_status

To get more real time information and to get updates news you can follow their twitter account rocket league status. Your issue not solving then also you can visit to third party down detector rocket league status webpage where you will get information about server status, live outage map and solution for most reported problem. Now you got idea about How to Get Rocket League Hanasha JRL Wheels

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