How to get more comment hearts in tik tok

How to get more comment hearts in tik tok

Tik tok is the most popular social media app which was liked by all group ages. Here people create videos at the same time others enjoy watching it. Day by day users were adding once reason to get popular. Users were asking for how to get more comment hearts in tik tok let us see how to get more comment hearts in tik tok

Same like how you tube has the following like likes, dislikes, shares, comments tik tok also has hearts, comments etc. by getting more comments on your videos it makes your video greater and one day it becomes high visibility on platform. Here we tell you some tips to get more comment and heart

Go crazy

Crazy videos is seen by lots of people. Tiktokers can create videos like skateboard with mashed up songs and doing paragliding with adding movie dialogues. Tiktok users goal is to make entertain of viewers and get hearts you have to take some trial and mistake finally it will give you a perfect videos also make viewers to comment and give hearts

Understanding your comments

Never ignore any comments you get on tiktok. People will read commend and they will be kind and comment for justice.

Comments on relevant trends

This is for the person who don’t know how to get viewers you have to discover video something new one thing is that you have to comment on relevant trends this is simple and best trick to catch viewers for example if you are in Hollywood then find handles on tiktok that will have all Bollywood comments and content

The more you connect with people the more you will get comments like giving hearts and commenting on their videos. This method you can use in any social media

Pickout the best hashtags

Nowadays everyone were creating hashtags. Hashtag is one which is used to search for people such as #joker like anything. There are lots of hashtags but we recommend you to create hashtags that relevant to your videos and your content also avoid creating hashtag unnecessary it will only improve your workload that it otherwise nothing. You can also search hashtags which is relevant for your videos in google

Try to keep short

Never ever explain your concept in essay while commenting make it short always give a short and sweet comment. Be original be yourself , some craziness, add meme it will attract more people why because people fall for memes


Here we have told all the tips are legal there are different types of methods are there to get comments, hearts etc    by using automated software service but no don’t do that

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