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How to forward outlook emails to gmails

If you are a officer worker then you have to use multiple email applications then you will need different application to transfer e-mails. Then here we will tell you a step by step procedure to How to forward outlook emails to gmails

If  you don’t like to forward your emails from outlook to gmail, then here this one for you.

How to forward outlook emails to gmails

  • At first open Microsoft outlook
  • Then go to home tab  and go to move below you can see option rules to expand it click on it
  • Next click on manage rules & alerts
  • Next click on new rule -> start from a blank rule
  • Now click on apply rule on message that I receive option
How to forward outlook emails to gmails
  • After that click next
  • Now under the select action you can see the option like forward it to people or a public group you have to click on the checkbox

Now we have select the checkbox and we have also forward the emails to the Gmail account

  • Now click next
  • Now go to the “to” box there you have to enter your email address based on your Gmail
  • Also there is an option to select your contacts on gmail to whom emails on outlook will be forwarded to gmail
  • This method will be more useful for you because you can select multiple email contacts to forward email from outlook to gmail

If you a person who does not care about any e-mails receiving from marketing e-mails or newsletters there  is an filter  option for you. Any third party emails will not be getting forwarded outlook from your gmail. You can also set any particular key phrase and see its parameter so now your email will consists of that keyphrase so it will be not forwarded

  • You can also customize by naming it this will be helpful when you have set multiple exceptions
  • Now click on the checkbox which is in under setup rule option and turn on this rule
  • Finally click on finish

How to stop forwarding emails

 here we will tell you another option if don’t want to redirect the emails from Microsoft outlook to gmail

How to stop forwarding emails
  • Now open home tab and go to rules
  • Next expand the rules and go to manage rules and alerts
  • There just uncheck the exception that you have created in the before section


By doing any of these steps correctly you emails will not forwarded to gmail. I hope this article will help you to know information about forwarding emails from outlook to  gmail

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