How to fix super animal royale game server could not authorize you

Super animal royale this game is liked to play by many children. Everyone will like the character in this game it was created very cute. After entering into the game you will be landed into an island there you have to fight to survive. All were going good but suddenly pixilie studios reported that they were facing problem that “game server could not authorize you” so we going to discuss about how to fix super animal royale game server could not authorize you

For this issue we have bring you some solutions you can try for it. this error happens is the starting stage so you no need to worry. So here the solution

  • At first if error occurs you have to be patience for at least one hour because some due to some technical problems the server may stopped it be normal after some hour
  • After try playing for after some hour you see that the error still occurs then you can make confirm that the problem is not with the server also go and check it out for serer down detector for this game
  • Next is you can check your connection all is connected properly to your Wi-Fi connection then only it will give you a stable connection
  • Next is you are pc user then you can turn disable antivirus for some time to make sure whether it is blocking your game or not
  • Are you playing this game in pc then you can reinstall this game and check for error
  • This is for console players you can try to rebuilt the database for your console
  • After doing all of these but the issue is not solved then you can contact their support team of this game.


Players playing this game on steam, it is not the original version. We can wait until the developers release a patch update. We hope this article How to fix super animal royale game server could not authorize you will be useful for you, Also check super animal code, method super animal, miitipia mii codes

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