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How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”

This roblox is a good online game and platform to create game which was designed by Roblox Corporation. Most of the users will create their game in it and also play other games which was developed by other developer. This roblox is available in platforms like mobile, pc and Xbox. In this article we going to see about how to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”

How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”

This error code “Not authorized to join in this game”. What it was coming to say is that you don’t have permission. It was not mentioning about where the problem comes from may be from players user mode and from servers like that. We have found that the issue is caused by game VIP or may be on this roblox app.

We tell you some of the tips you can follow to solve this issue How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”

Get joining invitation through friends

Guys this tips we got from one players only it helped them. You have to join VIP server by using your friends invitation. We tell you how

  • At first you have to open Roblox and then go to settings and select privacy settings
  • Next scroll down and look for the option “who can invite me to VIP server”
How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”
  • And then you have to select for the option “everyone” and click ok
  • Now you have to search for the players who were playing this game
  • After found give then request and wait until they have accept your invitation request
  • At last you have to click on “join game”

Start a new server for any game

It will be very comfortable for you to use private server why because you have only option to invite and play. Let us see how

  • At first you have to open Roblox player and then go to game section
  • There you can select the game which you like to play and then go to chat option
  • Don’t forget to invite for friends upto 5 players
  • Finally you have join soon while leaving the game party at the same time

Check Roblox service status

Also the issue may cause in server also you may face some problems in connectivity like joining the server problem. Also some other players were reporting that they were getting banned and their account is not older than 30 days. If you want to know some information about server then you can go to third party Roblox down detector website.

Check if your account is active or not

If you see the issue that your Roblox account is temporarily disable or banned then you have to check that your account was banned from any game server. Guys if your account was banned by some game server then it is not possible to unbanned by anyone. What you have to do is use other server and create your new game account

Changing IP address

Changing IP address will solve many network connection related issues this happens due to corrupted DNS cache or Winsock catalog. Let us see steps

  • At first you have to start menu and then type for command prompt and then click and open it
  • If prompt then click on Yes why because to allow admin privilege
  • Next there you have to paste the command

              Ipconfig / flushdns and click on enter

  • Then execute the command given below

              netsh winsock reset

  • After done just close cmd window and then go to start menu and open control panel
  • And then click for network and internet and then go to networking and sharing
  • Then go to change adapter settings and then look for active network and right click on it
  • And look for properties and click on it and then double click on internet protocol version 4(IPv4)
How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”
  • Then click for the option “use the following DNS server addresses and then type as preferred DNS and as alternate DNS
How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”
  • Finally click for ok

Clear browser cookies and cache

If you using Roblox web version in your browser then surely you may face this issue join Error 524 ‘you do not have permission’ why because due to outdated or corrupted cache data or cookies in your browser. Let us see how to solve

  • At first you have to open chrome and there will three dots where you can see top right corner
  • Next you have to go more tools and expand the drop down list
  • And then click on clear browsing data
How to fix Roblox join Error 524 “you do not have permission”
  • Next you have to select the time range as per your need this option you can bale to see under basic tab
  • Then tick for the check for all browsing history, cookies and other site data, cached images and files select all
  • Finally done


Guys if all the above method tried still can’t able to solve the issue then contact Roblox support you may get help from them. Additionally you can try two methods like disabling ad blocker and reinstalling roblox.  

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