How to fix resistances reset bugs in biomutant

Biomutant is the top most best different martial style combat system which allow all the players to use the characters then became mutant and I personally like the graphics of this game more. We heard that some players were facing the issue resistance reset bug in biomutant now let us see how to fix resistances reset bugs in biomutant

This issue was making irritation to many players and making error with characters in game. It has a shocking interaction which reacts in resetting biomutant resistance. The disadvantage of this game is it will delete your resistance when you do not taking care of this game.

We tell some temporary workout methods to fix this issue resetting bug with your resistance in this biomutant game. For that you have to reload a prior save it means loading previous saved game

While loading if you see that all your resistance has closed then you can reload the before played game save as possible if you not doing this then your resistance will be deleted permanently.

This issue was not solved officially, we heard from biomutant subreddit users said this is caused due to mutation spot in bio Nucleus 6D. After used some interaction will be caused between equipment and add-ons and next problem will occur

It is not an issue which equipment you were using and it will not give you any bonus. It becomes heavy when you spending points to build buffs surround armor’s baked- in defences. You were wasting your bio points to increase a stat which doesn’t require. Si if cannot able to show your skill points then it will run out all your file saved


Developers will release a update soon until that stay calm.  We hope now you got some information about how to fix resistances reset bugs in biomutant

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