How to fix pokemon go rocket balloon not appearing

Pokemon is one of the best and reality based game which has been developed by Niantic in collab also with the Nintendo and pokemon company. This pokemon game is available in both android and ios platform. But now players were reported us that they were facing issue go rocket balloon not appearing. If you are one of them facing issue like unable to complete challenges because can’t able to battle with team rocket, challenges and capturing shadow of pokemon , suddenly rocket balloons and grunts were disappeared in your game. let us see how to fix pokemon go rocket balloon not appearing

Developers understands your problem and they were investigating with their team go rocket, now they were not available they will bring us rocket balloon surely. Many of the gaming community were using this latest version and facing this issue it also getting out to others quickly the reaction time is not so long so Niantic were removed team go rocket team temporarily from the game.

Till the pokemon players can’t able to see the rocket balloon in the game it means there will be no grunts and no leaders also temporary. Now players can also try for team go rocket free world there this pokestops will not get corrupted. If you want to solve this issue balloon appearing then you have to wait until the developers release a patch fix update.

Like we also waiting that the issue in the game should solve soon and different types of challenges should be add to defeat members. Nitantic have replied in twitter

How to fix pokemon go rocket balloon not appearing

that they have no idea when team go rocket encounters will be back this give hope for the players to keep their account being patience. Currently there is no information keep connect with us to get updated information. We hope now you got idea about how to fix pokemon go rocket balloon not appearing

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