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How to fix insta360 go 2 connection issue

Insta360 go 2 it is a camera device this camera is a waterproof and it is user friendly. Now let see the advantage of this device it has 360 degree video recording, stabilization and auto-editing feature and you can see different types of modes like hyper –lapse mode, slow motion and Wi-Fi preview and more some of the users were facing issue while they connecting to mobile device. Here let us see How to fix insta360 go 2 connection issue

As per many reports from the user they were getting error while connecting to iphone or ipad devices. Also some user were trying try through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but the camera app is not showing or it doesn’t work. Some user has said that they have trying to delete and reinstall the app but working is zero

Taking off the camera lens sticker

Guys this was a great mistake which was done by insta360 go 2 which users cannot able to pull out the sticker from back camera why because it is visible and the users cannot able to guess whether it is available or not

How to fix insta360 go 2 connection issue

So you have to be careful while removing the sticker from the back side camera and LED light will turn on. Then you can able to connect your insta360 go 2 action camera with Wi-Fi connection

Device can’t able to detect the camera

In phone setting you cannot able to see this insta360 go 2 Wi-Fi signal then just take out camera from charging case and then you have to long press camera button. And then restart your camera

How to fix insta360 go 2 connection issue

Other possible ways

 You can try this

  • First you have to check the Bluetooth connection in your phone which is enabled or not. if it is not in on state then go to settings menu on charging case there turn on Wi-Fi
  • You can use any device which supports for 5ghs Wi-Fi band 
  • If you device not detecting go 2 Wi-Fi signal the reason may be that your camera not able to broadcast Wi-Fi signals properly so you have make sure that the country code in your camera and for your location we tell you how to do
  • For android user you have to open the camera app and then click on settings and then just go to set the current region to camera and then you have to select your region and then click on set to camera and restart your camera and check your Wi-Fi connection once again.
  • For IOS users you have to go to device settings and then select your region and then open the camera app and you have to select the camera signal and then again try to connect Wi-Fi\

Detect insta360 go 2 signal but cannot connect

We tell you how to do

  • You have to place your insta360 go 2 in charge case and turn on both of it
  • Now just check if any message showing in charge case screen
  • If no message displayed then check your phone can detect go 2 Wi-Fi has detected for go 2 you can also contact with service team
  • If it shows Wi-Fi signal is detected but it is not connect then you have to enter this password (88888888) to connect

Connects to 2 Wi-Fi but this app was fails to connect

Sometimes your settings page shows that your are not connected to go 2 app fails to connect we tell you what to do

  • At first you have to check that your location and Bluetooth has been enabled in your phone for insta360 app
  • Guys if not the open your settings and then go to network and then turn on Bluetooth then turn on location access
  • Next you have to open insta360 go 2 application from settings menu and you have enable permissions for bluetooth and location


we hope this article How to fix insta360 go 2 connection issue will be useful for you. Also check combin insta, install google

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