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How to fix Huawei WiFi router connected but no internet

Daily we were seeing many issue with our new technology devices. This issue has become popular which is users were access the WiFi but unable to connect the internet. So here we tell you How to fix Huawei WiFi router connected but no internet Bad situation that users can able to connect the internet using Ethernet cable but not though Wi-Fi. There are many solutions here we bring you some of them for you. For this issue many reasons are there. By using Huawei routers users were facing this same problem they can connect Wi-Fi and access the router GUI without wire. But it is not possible when they try to connect to internet. Let us move into solution for How to fix Huawei WiFi router connected but no internet

Turn off and ON Wi-Fi

Simply by switch off the router and start after some time will solve the issue. You can try it guys

Restart the device

Restart the device is the basic solution for all the problems. Restart your router and device and trying using after some time

Reset Huawei router

Also some changes in your Wi-Fi settings also may cause issue. Example if you are using any bad router settings then it will show some problems in internet connection. By resetting your router all the configuration will set as default. You can able to see reset button at any of the side I don’t know correctly or else you can also use GUI configuration

Check if the automatically option is enabled

At the starting stage of configuration this Huawei router will get your current network access process default. After the configuration if the automatic option is not disable then it will cause some problems. So to disable the automatic option please read given below steps

  • At first you have to open Huawei router and go to management page in your device
  • Next you have to click for the option “connect to internet” where you can able to see on top
  • Now you can check that the automatically options is enabled or not
  • If it enabled then click on slider button which is next to automatically why because to disable it
  • Finally done

Confirm broadband network is functioning good  

  • To check take Ethernet cable and connect your pc to internet connection please don’t connect it to your router
  • Next go to control panel
  • There click for the option network and sharing center and then click for set up a new connection or network
  • And then you have to select for the option “connect to the internet” then click for next button
  • Then go to broadband which is PPoE there you have to enter your user name and password
  • And click for connect button now it will connect to internet
  • After you have get connected to internet then go to control panel and click on it
  • There you have to go network and sharing center and click for change adapter settings
  • Finally you have to double click on network icon and you can check that it is available to access the internet connection through PPPoE


Guys I hope that you got solution. After trying all the above steps you still not connect to internet then the problem may be in your broadband which has been disconnected from your internet. So what you have to do is simply restart also you can contact broadband service provider.   

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