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How to Fix “https aka ms remoteconnect” Error

If you are searched of playing Minecraft, then is one of the basic problems that you might face on the game

It would provide while signing in for the first time or managing the same account on different consoles. 

This sign in problems provide to confirmed your device and the game data.

There are also many other reasons for this error. 

So let see in detail and the solving to fix this https aka ms remoteconnect error.

What is

Https aka ms remoteconnect is a generally faced error on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. It does not mean the other editions are fine, yet Minecraft Bedrock has more errors than anot editions. Also, many Minecraft players might face this error for the first time once sign up into their device, which is so annoying and spoils the mood of playing the game.

The most general reason for this error are

Change of device/console

  • Error in Game data
  • Antivirus or firewall
  • Microsoft account

Change of device/console

Minecraft is accessing on almost all gaming devices like PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, etc. 

With a single signin, you coucould cross-play Minecraft on some of the accessible devices. Because of that, it causes any errors once signing in, and sometimes it might even affect your game data that leads to a losing streak in your game.

Error in Game data

Though ends or quitting the game, ensure to store the game data. It might take any seconds to store the data fully on your device/console. If you end the device once storing the data, it might result in any error on your data that affects you once logging in for the next time.

Antivirus or Firewall

Anytime the Antivirus or Firewall installed on the device might cause this error by not permits you to obtainable the Microsoft server. So try signing in after power off some Antivirus and Firewall in your system and prove whether the problems is resolved or not.

Microsoft Account

Managing a Microsoft account is also one of the reasons for this bug. Several users might experience this error once logging up with the Microsoft account. The percentage of facing this error once using other gaming accounts are very minimal.

How to Fix

Step[1] Download and install the Minecraft edition on your PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch console.

Step[2] To start the Minecraft and pick on log in with a Microsoft account.

Step[3] create a note of the code that appears on your console.

Step[4] here, open some web browser on your PC and go to

Step[5] Type the code and pick on Next to proceed further.

Step[6] Sign In with your Microsoft account or make an new one.

Step[7] while the code is verified, the game would be load on your console, and afterwards start playing.

How to Delete Corrupt and Unwanted Game Data on Minecraft

As said earlier, corrupt data can also be a reason for causing this remoteconnect issue. So, delete the unwanted and corrupt data file periodically from your Minecraft storage.

Step[1] To start Minecraft game on your console.

Step[2] visit Settings and select System settings from the menu.

Step[3] select Storage options.

Step[4] here, you could view and access all your Minecraft game data below Game Storage.

Step[5] pick on the Delete icon to delete all files or the corrupted & unwanted game data from the Minecraft storage.

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