How to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc

Days gone it is an amazing game its story is filled with mixed emotions like romance, drama, tragic and more. This game is very time passing time flews away mainly it will be very useful in this pandemic year all credits goes to developer. But we got reports that users have facing some bugs and glitches which occurs in source code this bugs spoils players gaming experience and cannot able to launch this game. In this article let us see how to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc.

Players were getting upset with this error so we have find some possible solutions to fix this bugs quickly let us see the solution. Guys before starting reboot your device why because your device will get the capability to remove all the bugs and glitches from your pc. Also simply by restarting your device these bugs can be solved. Let us see how to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc

Method 1: renaming your movies folder

It looks funny guys trust me it also work for many people. Your game which locates in game directory just rename it as “movies_2”. After done start playing game until you reach the menu next close the game and again you have to rename the file name as “movies”. Finally done.

Method 2: installing Microsoft visual c ++

If you are using faulty or corrupted Microsoft visual c ++ your game get crashes and cannot be loaded. And if you receive an error message like “vcruntime140_1.dll missing “or “MSVCP140.dll was not found”. Then quickly you have to reinstall your Microsoft visual c ++ redistribution in your pc

Method 3: verifying the integrity of game files

When you are downloading any game at once in your experience you will face this problem that game files have not been downloaded correctly or corrupted it also may cause issue. You have to check the file we tell you how. If you are playing this game in epic games store then here the procedure for you

  • At first you have to launch this epic games launcher and then click on library
  • Next locate this days gone game and click on three dots
  • Finally click on verify

Method 4: Disabling all overlays

Sometimes overlays which is running in background so we suggest you to stop all overlays whenever you receive error. We tell you how to stop

For discord

  • At first you have to run this discord application
  • Next locate cogwheel icon where you can see in bottom left in your screen then click on it
  • Then you have to click on overlay tab and toggle the enable in-game overlay button to turn off

For GeForce

  • At first you have to launch GeForce experience
  • Next locate this cogwheel icon where you can see in top right corner in your screen
  • Then toggle in-game overlay button to turn off

Method 5: launch the game in windowed mode

By running your game in windowed mode your device will get potential to fix this crashing issue why because sometimes system hardware feels very lazy to run the game. Follow the below given steps

  • At first you have to open steam app and go to library
  • Next locate and right click on your game then from the number of list you have to select “properties”
  • Next window you have to click on empty bar where you can see below “launch options”
  • Next in the text field you have to type – windowed and no-border then click ok

Method 6: installing latest game patch

Developers will give update in market to solve bugs you have to see if any updates available if you see any then install it


You will need minimum system requirements

  • You will need CPU intel core i5-2500k@3.3 Ghz
  • RAM 8 Gb
  • Free storage 70 GB
  • VRAM 3gb
  • OS: window 10
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX780

Method 7: closing unnecessary background applications

  • At first you have to right click on task bar empty place and then from the drop down menu select task manager
  • Then by right clicking on apps which eating more resources to stop background process and click on end task

Method 8: increasing virtual memory

  • Firstly go to start menu and then search for advanced system settings and then select view advanced system settings
  • Next go to settings where you can see inside performance section
  • Then you have to switch to advanced tab and click on change
  • Next uncheck automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • Now you have to select c drive and then select the box where you can see in custom size settings
  • Finally done then just simply set initial size and maximum size which is depends upon your RAM then click enter.

Method 9: temporarily disabling windows defender

The work of the window defender is to protect the system some virus and threats sometimes it also block your application

  • At first press window + I it will open for window setting then look for update & security option click on it.
  • Next look on left side of the screen you can able to see window & security click on it and select virus & threat protection option.
  • On next window click on manage setting then you have to press the button where you can see in front of the real time protection.

Final words

We hope now you have learned about how to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc. Thanks for reading. Also solved

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