How to fix Days Gone Xbox Controller Not working

Days gone has launched in window platform. However it looks good and has good rating on stream some players were facing error which they cannot able to work due to some reason. Here let us see how to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc

These errors has become common in pc version games. As per report this days gone in online players have mentioned that Xbox controller isn’t running good. Some of the players were reporting on steam that they unable to turn left or right while riding motorbike by using Xbox controller also by using controller they can use only accelerate and reversing the vehicle. We tell you how to solve this particular issue follow the below given steps

Many users were waiting for this days gone game for release for pc.

  • At first you have to open steam client in your pc and then click on the steam tab where you can see in top left corner
  • Next go to settings and then select controller and then gog to general controller settings
  • Then you have to select otherwise you can check have to connect your gaming controller check ok
  • Next again launch days gone and check whether the problem has been fixed or not

 If this guide doesn’t help for you then you have to make sure to uncheck all option where you can see under the general controller settings section

If in case you have changed or applied for any configuration in your Xbox controller using steam big picture mode. By just reverting these changes and back to before settings. This will also fix the issue Also solved audio issue, launching issue

Before launching this days gone game you have to connect to your Xbox controller. Also check your pc shows a notification after connected to controller why because it may also get disconnected


We hope this article you have learned how to fix gone crashing or not launching on my pc hope it will be useful for you.

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