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How to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc

This game is like rhythm based on music genre it gives us good feel and keep environment happy. But some users were facing issue in this fuser game so players were left out. In this article we going to see how to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc

Minimum requirements

  • you should have processor 8 core AMD 1.75 Mhz
  • RAM 8 gb
  • Operating system window 7
  • GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7790 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
  • P-shader 5.0
  • V shader 5.0
  • Storage 10 GB
  • VRAM 1024 MB

Method 1: ReRun game and device

 We heard from many players that simply restarting the game will solve the issue. And also rebooting your pc will clear all temporary cache memory from you pc.

Method 2: check your GPU update

How to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc

Guys GPU driver plays an important role while playing games in pc. If you got crashed while playing then you may be using corrupted or outdated driver. You have to update your GPU regularly

Method 3: installing the latest game patch

Developers will release a regular update to fix issue by updating your game all the errors will be solved and game performance will be fixed. Normally steam or epic game launcher contains in-built update detector if any update available it detects and give you notification.

Method 4: turn odd Vsync

This Vsync is a graphics technology this technology will used for FPS synchronization of game which has monitor refresh rate. By enabling this Vsync you will never face some tearing and flickering in your screen. We tell you how to do

  • At first you have to open Nvidia control panel in your pc
  • Next you have to click on manage 3d settings which was followed by program settings
How to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc
  • Then add fuser and scroll down and set Vsync in off position state
  • Now done you have to launch fuser and check if error continuous.

Method 5 performing a clean boot

By performing a clean boot helps you to solve the issue. Also find what the exact problem happens in this game. We tell you how to check

  • At first you have to press window + R it will open for dialog prompt there type msconfig then click enter and then it will open system configuration window
  • Next switch to service tab and then you have to checkmark the box hide all Microsoft services and select disable all option.
  • Then go to startup tab and then select open task manager
  • Now open startup tab you have to select programs and you have disable and then click disabled
  • Now go back to system configuration window and click ok
  • Finally restart your pc

Method 6: verify integrity of game files

For steam client

  • At first open steam
  • Then go to library tab and select fuser
  • Then right click on fuser and select the properties option
  • Next go to local files tab and click verify integrity
How to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc
  • You have to wait until it gets validate and install.

For epic game launcher

  • First open epic game launcher
  • Then go to fuser app where you can see in your library.
  • Next click on three dots then open and click verify button where you can see drop- down menu.


we hope this article How to fix fuser keeps crashing on pc will be useful for you. Also check blender crashing, gone crashing, division 2

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