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How to fix evil village WM video decoder error

Resident evil village is one of my favorite horror game. This game was developed and also published by Capcom in april 2021. This game was available for PS4/PS5, Xbox one, Xbox series X|S, google stadia. But players were facing issue resident evil village WM video decoder error while playing. Here we tell you how to fix evil village WM video decoder error

And also we got report players receiving Capcom installer message window on screen. It says that “ you need to install “video CODEC: WM Video decoder” to start the game. Now you have to click on checkbox  “I accept the above message” and enable and click on exit.

Some of the players cannot able to see this notification message if they were restarted your computer. We will tell you how to fix follow us solve you have to open stream client and then go to library and then go to resident evil village title and then right click on it and then go to manage and then click on browse local files.

Next you will see pop up window will be displayed on the screen and says that you have installed the resident evil village video game in your pc. Then you just search for the installermessage.exe file from the list double click on it and then you can see Capcom InstallerMessage window once again in your screen.

Adding media feature pack

Directly let us go to steps

  • At first you have to press window key or else you can click on start and then type manage optional feature
  • Next from the search result you have to click on “Add a feature”
  • Next you have to search for window media player
  • At once you have seen add-on option then you have to select choose install
  • That’s it guys after you have installed the window media player add-on this you have to start media feature pack in your pc.

Also we tell you how to install media feature pack for latest version

  • You can visit the official Microsoft website to get media feature pack.
  • Then you can make clarify to select latest edition of window which you were using currently. If you want to know which version you were using follow below steps
  • First you have to click on start menu and then there type for view pc and then from the search result click on view your pc name
  • There you can able to see the edition of window 10 in your pc which you were using currently
  • You can download media feature pack which will be suitable for your windows version.

If you are using window 10 version 1903 and above, you have to add media feature pack for that go to start and then settings and then apps and then apps and features and then optional features and then add a feature and then media feature pack from the list which shows finally restart your pc.

Using a third- party codec pack

You can solve this issue by using a third- party codec pack k- lite codec pack. Then download and install by using admin access after done restart your pc

How to fix evil village WM video decoder error

Scaning and repair game files

We tell you how follow us by given below given steps

  • At first you have to open steam and then go to library
  • Next you have to right click on the title resident evil village
  • Next you have to click on properties and then go to local files tab
  • Then you have to select verify integrity of game files.
  • Now this process will verify and check all the games which is installed like missing and corrupted file is located or not.
  • It will take some time to complete after done you have to close the steam client and restart your pc.


we hope this article How to fix evil village WM video decoder error will be useful for you. Also read

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