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How to Fix Discord can’t unmute Browser

Discord is best messaging platform you can experience more option, live etc but imagine what happen if you unmute because of some reasons on your discord site through your web browser you can also report discord them. I think some problems bugs will have on browser interface but one thing keep in mind that discord users cannot able to unmute browser. If you are one of the user then here the solution for you.

Sad is discord team members does not give us a correct reason behind it and they have not given their any official fix but some users have already found a solution for this issue. To finish this work keep in mind that your browser should have latest version

Also check your discord settings menu that all your audio input device are set properly. Here we have explained you a tried and simple method to Fix Discord can’t unmute Browser also containing downloading discord desktop application two times in your pc and using incognito and private window mode on your web browser and switching to audio input device. Let me tell you How to Fix Discord can’t unmute Browser

Switch audio device input 1 & output 2 device

Only if you have alternate input device to connect to your computer this method will work out why because to check whether another audio device is working or not. Use head phone or another speaker to check your audio input device. No problem if you don’t have headphone with inbuilt microphone you can also use some external microphone

  • At first connect all your alternative input/output device to your pc
  • Then open discord desktop app and go to setting
  • Now click on voice & video option where you can see on left pane
  • Now you have to select your alternative audio device which you have connected as on both input and output device
  • Finally click on the lets check button and check your MIC

Also you can try to unmute your profile from the discord browser interface to resolve the issue. Once your mute option starts works then you can remove audio input device

Use incognito/ private window

This is another method. If you are using chrome browser or Mozilla fire fox then this method will use your cache free or cookies free browsing will it will not save site related data in your pc. What they were coming to say is you can also use this site with all the latest changes that they have done. Also it has the chances of your web browser may store your previous cache data of discord site that will troubling your browsing experience. Here we tell you how

  • At first open your google chrome
  • Next click on hamburger menu which is located at the top right corner
  • From the number of list select for new incognito window also to open you can press ctrl + shift + N in your keyboard
  • Now go to the discord official website and log in with your account
  • After sign in try to unmute your microphone
How to Fix Discord can’t unmute Browser
  • If your process have done successfully then go back to the normal browser window and clear all your cookies and cache then click on the lock icon which is located next to the site URL this will refresh your site
  • After cookies were removed from discord site once again press ctrl + F5 key on your keyboard to refresh your page completely
  • It may also ask you to log in to your discord account again

Use another Browser

If you are using chrome browser then try to load discord through Mozilla firefox or vice versa to cross check your issue to check that the problem is coming from browser or not

Download discord desktop app twice

If you cannot solve the issue on the discord profile by using the browser then you have to download discord desktop app twice to solve your issue this method is highly recommended. What actually is you have to click on download button for two times and then just refresh your browser at once the download completes. One of the users like you were found this method we are sharing with you again. Here we tell you how

  • At first go to discord official website then click for two times on download button
  • After the both installer files downloaded press ctrl + F5 key to refresh your site
  • Finally you have to try to unmute your microphone to check your issues.

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