How to fix dead by daylight error code 8012

Well dead by daylight it is most thrilling horror video game which was developed by behavior interactive. You can play this game multiplayer in online recently users were facing error code 8012 issue. These issues happens mostly while connecting in online issues may be network, downtime, outage, corrupted game files, sometimes also problem easy anti cheat protection likewise many  are there. We think that these issue occur due to server problems. Let us see how to fix dead by daylight error code 8012.

 Check your server status

It may also the reason that game dead by daylight game servers running through scheduled maintenance process in background. We have already said that only a server outage is the reason that you cannot able to connect online service for multiplayer games. So we recommend you to check the game server status by using third party DOWN DETECTOR DEAD BY DAYLIGHT STATUS. Hope here you will get all the solution like your reported problems, live outage map, past 24 hours information etc. Also in your region if there is no server or outage it takes min two days to solve so be patience

How to fix dead by daylight error code 8012

Check your internet connection

Most of the issue in online connectivity occurs due to internet connection. Here we tell you how to solve

  • Keep in mind if any issue occur just restart your pc or gaming console
  • Next thing is you can go for power cycle this will remove all glitches or cache in your device. we tell you how to do

At first just power off your router then unplug your cable from your router and wait for a min and then back again plug in your cable turn on and try playing game and check if error continues

  • Next thing is if you are using Wi-Fi network then you have to switch to wired Ethernet connection or you can also go for vice- versa to check the issue
  • Next is you can also try using VPN service where you can check your connection to online service.
  • Another best solution is you can try another multiplayer video game with your same internet connection just to identify that the problem comes from internet or not.

Flush out DNS cache

This is a proven method players now they are playing games without any issues by simply flushing the DNS cache from your pc. let us see how to do

  • At first press window + R it opens run dialog box
  • Then there type cmd and click on enter it will open command prompt if it prompt by UAC then click on yes to allow
  • Ok then you have to enter the command which is given below and click on enter why because to remove your current ip address

                   Ipconfig /release

  • Next type this below command and click on enter to get a new ip address from DHCP

Ipconfig /renew

  • After done execute the following command to refresh IP entries on your computer

Ipconfig /flushdns

  • Finally done restart and start playing your game see whether the error continuous.

Repair or reinstall easy anti-cheat

If you are using anti- cheat program will make you trouble while connecting to online services because it is either not installed properly or may get corrupted. So by repairing or reinstalling EAC will solve the issue. Here we tell you how to do

  • At first open file explorer and locate your EasyAntiCheat folder inside the installed dead by daylight folder path
  • Next open “EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe” file right click on it and select run as administrator
  • If prompted by UAC and click on yes
  • Then follow some simple screen instructions to repair and reinstall the easy anti cheat program on you pc
How to fix dead by daylight error code 8012
How to fix dead by daylight error code 8012
  • Finally restart your pc


Try all the above methods any one of it will solve your issue. we hope now you ahve learned about how to fix dead by daylight error code 8012 share your experience with us.

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