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How To Fix Cold War FPS Drops [ 100% Solved ]

Here we have given you different types of solutions try all of these any one process will improve your FPS in call of duty : black ops cold war fix and solution with simple steps below.

How To Fix Cold War FPS Drops With Reduce Lag

Normally when your pc is on state windows will have a few programs and application will be running at the same time it also may be a antivirus or any browser that running in your background will affect your speed of the device. It is better before start playing call of duty: black ops cold war again close all your background running process. To do that here we will tell you step procedure

  • Open taskbar and make a right click and select task manager
  • Now open the processor tab and search all running application which uses high range of CPU
  • On the particular applications right click where you can see “End task” click on it
How to fix cold war FPS drops
  • Now open startup tab and select the application that you not use often right click on it and disable them. By removing unused application CPU will get relax

Change game’s priority in task manager

In windows you can see options to set priority default your system programs will run on equal priority but also you have to option to increase particular priority. Here we will tell you how to increase priority

  • First right click on task bar and choose task manager
  • Next click on the processor tab and search for call of duty black ops cold war
  • Just right click on it and select go to details
  • On the details tab you can see highlighted words which is blackopscoldwar.exe right click on it and move your mouse pointer to set priority and select for “high
How to fix cold war FPS drops
  • Now click on “change priority” it will display just click on it to confirm.
  • Finally you have changed priority start playing game still you see slow while gaming. Try for another solution

Update video card drivers

Graphics card also a main reason slow down process of your game. So we suggest you to keep your graphics card drivers update so that it do not cause bugs also supported with all new apps. There is three possible way to update graphics driver we will tell you one by one.

Using windows device manager

  • First press window key + x then you can see a list of option in that select “ device manager”
  • Then look for “display adapters” expand it by double clicking
  • Now right click on your graphics card model where you can see “update driver” click on it
  • Next follow some simple screen instruction and window will allow to start downloading and install recent version of drivers in your system.

Downloading the setup file manually

To do this process you have to open AMD and NVIDIA’s their official website and search for recent drivers setup file. If you are using graphics from AMD then you have to download drivers from AMD website also if you are using graphics from NVIDIA, then you have to download drivers from NVIDIA website. Downloading your setup file is just based upon build and version if your windows pc. After downloading your file install drivers for your graphics card on your pc.

Using third –party driver utility program

There are different types of drivers were available which will take care of your windows user’s driver problems but it is not easy doing by manually so they have introduced many programs which automatically scans your system and find out any missing and outdated drivers. There are some drivers which automatically find and install latest version of the driver file which is needed by your system. These programs will always charge a bit for their service and your investment will not get wasted so don’t worry

Optimize window 10 for gaming

Window 10 comes with many more in-build feature which greatly improves performance in gaming. Even though users have some problems in this like they are facing frame drops in games so before start playing call of duty black ops cold war again turn off these features which is given below. Follow step by step given procedure

  • At first click on the search bar where you can see game mode setting click and open it
  • Now you are in game mode menu here turn off toggle for “game mode”
  • On the settings window which is located at left side click on capture tab and turn off toggle for “record in the background while I’m playing a game”
  • Finally done start playing call of duty game if you face problem try for next solution

Disable full screen optimization

Full screen optimization is a feature which was added specially for all gamers. Game picture will occur your full screen will make you more excite also performs actions like fast speed, supports alt+ tab switching, overlays. But it not good to use because you will face low FPS numbers on call of duty black ops cold war better disable this feature. Here below we will tell you how

  • At first open launcher and go to call of duty :BOCW
  • On the menu click for “options” and choose “show in explorer” by doing it will take you to game folder directory
  • Now open the folder call of duty black ops cold war
  • There see for “black ops cold launcher “ file right click on it and select properties
  • Next click on compatibility tab above and check the box to disable full screen optimization
  • Now click on “change high DPI settings “
  • Also check to the box to “override high DPI scaling behavior” and click ok
  • Once again you are in compatibility tab here click on apply and click on ok
  • Do the same in “blackopscoldwar” application also
  • Finally relaunch and check whether you reencounter any FPS drop issues then try next solution

Change in game setting

While you load game for the first time automatically some settings will set as default settings so this may cause error while playing. Change your settings by given below procedure

  • At first open your game and go to settings
  • Open graphics settings there in the hardware section you have to set the display mode , then set gameplay v-syn, menu v-sync to disabled
  • Then go to detail texture section and set quality and filter quality to low/medium. And disable screen space reflection and set object view distance to high
  • Next go to advanced section there click on restart shaders compilation which takes some time to finish
  • Now go to interface settings there on the telemetry section check whether FPS counter, GPU temperature , GPU clock, GPU time, CPU time, VRAM usage, and system clock all are set as “shown”
How to fix cold war FPS drops

Compile shaders in-game

When you open call of duty game on top you will receive message about shaders by downloading it performance of the black ops cold war game will improve. According to network connection the speed in downloading varied but really it is good thing to have shaders in this game also it will improve FPS drop issues.

Optimize NVIDIA control panel settings

If have NVIDIA graphics card in your system then you can improve its settings to maximize FPS in your game. Here how to do

  • On your desktop just right click in  empty space and choose “NVIDIA control panel
  • Now click manage 3d settings where you can see on left side panel
How to fix cold war FPS drops
  • Now click on tab program settings and click add to add a program for customization
  • Now on the list of programs you can see call of duty black ops cold war it will show when you add it
  • Then click on “add select program”
  • Also make sure that CUDA settings is set to your dedicated GPU it means (NVIDIA graphics card)
  • Set power management mode
  • Next set texture filtering quality option to performance
  • Finally close everything and start playing.

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