How to fix chivalry 2 keeps crashing and the game is not starting

This chivalry 2 is a multiplayer video game after release many loss because of many bugs and glitches. This game getting crash while playing which is not worth for money. Here we going to see How to fix chivalry 2 keeps crashing or game not starting

There was a many reason behind this error, and by some hard work we have found some possible solutions to solve this issue. Before going to fix you have to check that your pc has minimum requirements

  • Need CPU intel core i3-4370
  • RAM 8 GB
  • P- SHADER 5.0
  • V- SHADER 5.0
  • Storage for free 20GB
  • Operating system window 10 64 bit
  • VRAM 2048 mb

Re run your game after restarting pc

Before starting playing we tell you what to do. You have to go to start menu and click on the power button. After done then click for the option restart then you have to wait until get booted. After booting process complete you can open the game and play

Make sure that pc doesn’t overheat

Over heat is one of the main reason that your game getting crashing. When you using games then your pc will robotically programmed to shut down. When your CPU or GPU temperature reaches top level. So what you have to do is control your cooling system, clean all fans and remove all dust. Also one of the important thing is you have to apply thermal adhesive to your CPU.

Also if there is any available space you can add extra coolers. Another is you can download speed fan and you have to keep in control and its rotation

Installing latest drivers

Window 10 has some problem in adaptability with drivers because the graphics card which you are using now is not working together with your pc.  So you have to keep your driver updated. You can also do it automatically by downloading a driver update tool to do it as robotically. I will not recommend you to use third party tool because sometimes it will affect your privacy finally restart your device

Turn off background programs

  • At first you have to open task manager for that you have to right click on task bar
  • Then click on startup tab and turn off all the unwanted apps
  • Finally restart your pc.

You have to clear all the background running process let us how

  • First you have to skip onboard sound device
  • Next open device manager for that you have to right click on start menu
  • Then go to video , sound and game controllers extend these section and then look for onboard sound device right click and turn off
  • Finally shut down device manager and restart your pc

We suggest you to use realtek

  • First you have to scan for malware
  • Next just open windows defender and select virus & threat protection
  • Then select quick scan
  • Then select window defender offline scan mode
  • Then click on scan now

Check for hardware

If nothing work for you then you have to check your components which is set for correct one. Some particular emphasis will go to RAM and HDD, also HDD may get corrupt.

Run the game with admin rights

  • At first you have to go to installation folder of this game
  • There right click on the .exe file and then go to compatibility tab
  • There you have to tick on the checkbox “ Run this program as an administrator”.
  • Finally check if error continuous.


we hope this article How to fix chivalry 2 keeps crashing and the game is not starting will be useful for you. Also solved brawalhalla crashing issue, gone crashing issue, division 2 crashing issue

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