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How to fix call of duty warzone memory Error 0-1766

Call of duty warzone is an online battle royale video games. Developers were trying their level nest to release patch update to fix error and it will solve error. Users were facing this error 0 -1766. This article is about how to fix call of duty warzone memory Error 0-1766

This error also cause Xbox consoles to shut down mainly warzone Xbox version placing were affecting more. Good luck activision has mentioned that were getting alert in this issue this is called “known problem”. This activision will start to investigate to find a solution. We will tell you some possible solution

Clearing background task

Guys if any apps running in your running this will cause your game too cause error. Because heavy load should not run in your device background. So before playing this game clear all background apps or you can also restart your console or power cycle

Delete the mac address

some of users have affected also define they have found this type it is useful let we guide you to do this type

  • Click the guide button in the Xbox controller next go to the setting
  • Press network setting and select advanced setting
  • Sure that configuration can change alternative MAC address
  • Then over to delete
  • Wait a minute for restart
  • After it completed you can see whether the duty warzone memory error 0-1766 has been fixed or not

Try limiting resolution to 1080p

Try limiting the graphic resolution to 1080p that is full Hd by using higher resolution alternatively you can set 1080p resolution in your monitor also you can avoid additional jitter or lags while or during the gaming whatever this may also less errors or crashes

Turn off HDR feature

If you are turning off the HDR option from the Xbox in the settings also you can recreate the warzone memory error 0-1766 over finished


we hope this article How to fix call of duty warzone memory Error 0-1766 will be usedul for you. Also chcek call of duty mouse lag issue, black ops war

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