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How to fix blender keeps crashing and it has stopped working error

Blender is a software for graphics and this tool is totally free to use. This tool is more famous which was used by lots of people but recently users were reporting that they receiving error while working with it. In this article we going to see How to fix blender keeps crashing and has stopped working error

How to fix blender keeps crashing and it has stopped working error

Updating your graphics driver

Guys this we were have told in many article by using outdated or some broken graphics you may receive the error that “blender has stopped working error”. So guys we recommend you to update your graphics driver. You can do it by two ways manual and automatic let me tell you both

Update automatically

For this you have to use third party graphics driver this tool was available in online. It will do your job quickly

Update manually

For this you have to go to manufactures website like NVIDIA/AMD/INTEL. Next you have to locate your graphics card and the install latest updated version. Now you have updated your graphics driver just restart your pc

Installing latest windows update

By update your windows it will improve your device performance and also fix errors. Let us see how to update windows

  • At first you have to go to settings there click on update & security and then select for window update where you can see on left pane in menu
  • Then click on check for updates and process starts

 Now your pc searches for updates don’t close until the process complete

  • After the process completed restart your pc

Update or reinstall blender

  • At first you have to go to bender official website and download and install
  • To reinstall blender you have to consider the tool from your pc first then after this process was finished you have to download blender tool for latest version

Guys to uninstall this blender don’t use any dedicated software because it will delete all your files and folders

Closing CPU/ memory hogging application

Also issue cause due to insufficient memory by closing CPU/memory hogging application you can solve this issue let us see how

  • At first you have to open task manager sometimes it may ask for permission just click for yes
  • Now you are in task manager window there you can see list of applications you have to locate the applications and programs that eats more memory space
  • Then select that particular programs and click end tasks it will close


That’s it guys follow all our above given methods surely any one will solve your issue.We hope this article How to fix blender keeps crashing and it has stopped working error will be useful for you. Also solved crashed, fallout, GTA divison 2

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